Monday, October 19, 2015


Winter will be comin' 'round the mountain by Thanksgiving and I am still without natural gas.
   No hot water, oven or interior heat source for me, other than a fireplace that is big enough to roast a cow and burns whole, hard wood logs as if they were toothpicks.
   But, I can forget about using the fireplace... 
   My truck transmission was admittedly damaged by the SAME gang-stalker who was up on my roof every night for a month in late August, early September and I cannot use my truck to gather firewood to feed my fireplace - the ONLY affordable heat source available to me.
   Use of the infrared space heater gifted to me by a dear friend last winter should not have cost more than $90 per month to use, but I was billed an additional $300 for electrical usage in excess of NM state coverage at winter's end.
   The portable propane heater gifted to me the prior winter fares only slightly better; it costs $21.95 per tank every 4 days or $165 per month and -full or empty - the tank is too heavy for me to carry up and down the icy stairs.
   Thanks to the stalkers, I am not in any condition to implement any of the above anyway. Now, in addition to having Fibromyalgia and Renaud's Syndrome, I've developed Polymyalgia Rheumatitis in my shoulders, arms and lower back from hauling firewood and water down my steep stairs for the past 5 years due to constant vadalism.
   The majority of these local criminals are HALF my age. THEY have heat and hot water that are integral to basic survival.
   I am a 62 year old single woman on disability - a SENIOR CITIZEN - and an innocent VICTIM of this heinous, on-going hate crime for 9  LONG YEARS come October 26, 2015, but THERE IS NO HELP - not for me or others like me. 
   It's a fact that (a) the gang-stalkers are getting away with hands-off MURDER with nary a slap on the wrist from local, state or federal authorities and (b) it's a TRAVESTY of JUSTICE, both temporal and divine.
   Winter is not yet here, but the temperature is rapidly dropping, and me and my beloved pets are already too cold for comfort!
   I am fervently hoping that you, my readers, will find it in your hearts and/or pockets to help me fix my gasline, purchase a fireplace insert or obtain some other alternative, affordable heating venue.
   If so, please go to:

"Help Marguerite Elsbeth Obtain HEAT to Survive the Winter" | Emergencies & Disasters - YouCaring

Thank you and God bless you. ♥

Monday, August 17, 2015


"When people don't like themselves very much, they have to make up for it. The classic bully was actually a victim first."
~Tom Hiddleson~

I've had a creeper up on the roof over the last few weeks, a fearless creeper who wants me to know he's there... and he's growing bolder.
   But, HAPPY DAY! NO ONE is on my roof! 
   So said the local police when I called them last night for the third time regarding the perpetrator who was up on my roof all but one night this week.
   The police have not seen him - and neither have I - but me and my dogs hear him, loud and clear.
   There is no mistaking the sound of a PERSON walking on a metal roof or scrambling out of a crawlspace when you are standing directly underneath it or climbing up and down the sides of the house disrupting metal siding as they come and go.
   Falling acorns, racoons and skunks have a distinctly different tenor and falling apples do NOT apply since there are NO apples on the ground, not a single one.
   However, all of the above were cited as the possible culprits, all save the human being who is harassing me nightly and disturbing my peace.
   I have my suspicions and gave them the name of a damn good contender for the title, "Creeper of the Month". 
   Instead, they further suggested I am "schizophrenic" and alluded to a history of "methamphetamine" use. This last was based on my past association with someone that occured TWO YEARS AGO, also known as "guilt by association", and nevermind the fact that this is someone I am very grateful NOT to have ever seen or heard from again!    

They wanted to know why the creeper is doing this when I am at home. 

   I can only assume that because he is dangerous and a psychopath, his purpose is to harass me; I have maintained the "NO CONTACT" rule despite his texts and calls, and coming to my door - or TO HELL if and how would I know "WHY?".
   I was next informed that if I call the police again and cannot produce the creeper or if they could not do the same, I will be arrested for "FILING A FALSE REPORT".
   How does that work?
   I don't know who the creeper IS; I called to report an intruder only.
   Finally, it was suggested I get a Game Camera, hang it in a tree and try to catch the perp on film. 
   Fair enough.
   It is not my intention to take up their time with a hunt for an Invisible Man. Had they spent the 30+ minutes checking out the perimeters of my house, rather than griling me, they may have caught him.
   I hope the police will forgive me. I am a single, 62 year old woman, living alone with my critters in a big, old semi-renovated house-in-a-hole on a high foothill of the mountain in a wooded area with tall grass and no street lights. 
   My apologies for feeling vulnerable and a little scared. 
   I last called the PD in September 2013, when my truck brakeline was deliberately damaged, a fact that was verified by the mechanic for the towing company and reported to the same PD.
   Who am I going to call should this creeper try to come in through a window and get away before the police can see or apprehend him?
   The officers sent out tonight are new to the force and do not know me beyond this immediate situation. They said they heard all about me from the other officers at the precinct - NOT NCIC or the NM Courts. I have no history of mental illness and no felonies on record. I am NOT a Prison Babe. That constitutes Defamation of Character in the form of slander.
   NEVER do I bash the police, on or off line. I like many of Ruidoso's Finest and thought I was on good terms with them.
   When this started I was afraid of the creeper. Now I am afraid of the police, too.
   A crime victim, I AM. 
   Depressed I AM. 
   Schizophrenic (and high), I'm NOT.
   And even if I was crazier than a shithouse rat and high as a fucking kite, it doesn't mean I didn't have an intruder up on my roof!


Symptoms of Schizophrenia:

There are three types of symptoms in schizophrenia: positive, negative and cognitive.

Positive (symptoms that should NOT be present):
》Hallucinations (something a person sees, smells, hears and feels that isn’t really there). The most common hallucination in schizophrenia is hearing voices.
》Delusions (a false belief that isn’t true)

Negative (symptoms that should be present):
》Flat (individuals show no emotion) or inappropriate affect (e.g., giggling at a funeral)
》Avolition (little interest or drive). This can mean little interest in daily activities, such as personal hygiene.

These symptoms often are harder to recognize, because they’re so subtle.

Cognitive symptoms (associated with thinking):
》Disorganized speech (the person isn’t making any sense)
》Grossly disorganized or catatonic (unresponsive) behavior
Inability to remember things
》Poor executive functioning (a person is unable to process information and make decisions)

SOURCE: schizophrenia-fact- sheet

Sunday, May 3, 2015


"You might as well expect rivers to run backwards as any man born free to be contented penned up."
~Chief Joseph~

I've learned to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Backtracking, like gaslighting, is an integral part of the Gang-Stalking Script. 
     Victims of this hate crime are forced to take 10 steps BACK for EVERY forward motion. The stalkers accomplish this by vandalizing our Real and personal property, in addition to harassing us, making it next to impossible to catch-up with the damages done.


In my experience, and considering commentary posted by other victims​​, damage to our vehicles and utilities (especially plumbing), tops the Gang-Stalker TO-DO list; in this way, they keep their UNWILLING participants penned up in their One Act play.
     I had the damages to my truck and plumbing repaired in March-April 2015. Cost: $810
     No sooner did I repair that bit of vandalism did I sustain new and improved damages:
》An anti-freeze hose buried under the engine of my truck suddenly sprung a bad leak that required immediate repair. Cost: $115
》My electric bill that is $30 per month shows four times the average usage for February-March 2015. I am certain the Wire Hitchhiking Harassment voice loop (a hands-on form of Electronic Harassment) playing "Taps" through my very cost-efficient infrared space heater and refrigerator caused the excessive power usage. Cost: $330 up the pleasure anti the haters derive from our pain, the money I had left to see me through the rest of April was apported and/or otherwise vanished from my night table drawer. Cost: $70
     Thus far, the past and present vandalism wrought by the stalkers totals $1277. 
     I am on a fixed income that does NOT cover my needs, because the stalkers committed bank fraud at the onset of my targeting. Vandalism is a waste of my resources and an unnecessary expense I can ill afford.
     Any and all help is welcome and greatly appreciate. visit: 
"Lost "in the TALL Pines",

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


"There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them."
~Andre Gide~

"Too many monsters; too little time," is one of my favorite sayings. I saw on a children's t-shirt long ago. Yet, the Andre Gide quote above provides the antidote.
     There ARE too many monsters and there ISN'T enough time to slay them all, especially if you are a victim of Organized Gang-Stalking, like me.                But, it's pointless to fear the monsters we can't kill; rather, we need learn to live with them.
     Maybe we should view our monsters as unwelcome housepests, as if they were our extremely annoying Great Aunts, Tilly and Milly, who came for the weekend and took up permanant residence in the guestroom: They are repetitive, sneaky, careless, a danger to us and others - they are MONSTERS...but they are dug in for the duration.
     Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll have the honor (synonymous with "pleasure") of burying them beneath the floorboards - IF they go first.
      But, monsters come in all shapes and sizes. They have many names and some require different kinds of weapons to vanquish them.
     I didn't seek out my monsters. They were left on my doorstep by my friendly neighborhood gang-stalkers. I may have placated one and procrastinated when it came to another. I admit I fed and even encouraged a few that wore the "Mask of Sanity" and didn't remove it until it was too late.
     Still, I own them. They're my monsters NOW, dang it! I even gave them names! They are:
》Broken-Water-Pipes,      Dig-Trench and Reinstall-Gasline (they're triplets,   closely related to Need-A-Plumber)
》Extract-Wisdom-Teeth (slain, November 2014)
》Vandalized-House (took a stab, but missed, October-November 2014)
》Winter (keeps making a come back, November-March)
     There are more monsters, to be sure; these are just my IMMEDIATE monsters. 
     Actually, if I could overcome "Not-Enough-Money", the last monster on the list, I could slay ALL the aforementioned others, with the possible exception of "Ex-Handler-Returns". This monster requires special care - and more courage than I have at the moment.
      However, I DO have a "GO FUND ME" page: ac (this page is no longer available; it was recently removed from the web by my friendly Facebook hackers).
     Maybe if you have one of those monster-slayers, "More-Than-Enough-Money" or "Money-To-Spare" on your side, you can help me deal with "Not-Enough-Money" - and I will get gone the rest - and hopefully NOT acquire more!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness."
~Martin Luther King, Jr.~

Altruism vs. Selfishness... now there's a dichotomous choice!
     We all teeter between the two or go from one extreme to the other, albeit some of us moreso than others.
     A Child of the 60's, I was the quintessential hippie, with a bell around my neck and flowers in my hair.
     Altruism was and IS second nature to most of us born in the early 1950s. That's why I spare and share what I have and do what I can for someone in want or need.
     Too bad I have a lot less than I used to and no longer trust anyone to do for, let alone to do for me, because of this on-going hate crime, called Organized Gang-Stalking.
     But... "no man is an island", not even here in Billy the Kid country, where folks act like they don't need anything, then take what they need, PLUS, when you're not looking.
     I'm not too high and mighty or badass to say that I need help when I need it.
     I NEED it!
     The local perps finanally suceeded in dismantling every aspect of my life, because unfortunately for me (and whoever else they may seek out or encounter), gang-stalkers are not branded with the letter "X" or the numbers "666" across the forehead.
     Some honed their skills to become what they are and others are simply products of their environment; either way, they all run a pretty smooth confidence game, whereas...
     I didn't...
     I'm not...
     I don't.
     I didn't go to school with them nor was I handed a rap sheet and a resumé when first we met. I am lucky to get a real first name out of some of these people, let alone a surname.
     I imagine, based on the slander that preceded my permanant relocation to this place, the police, et al, assumed I knew with whom I was dealing. They disregarded the fact that I am not from here and failed to notice that I don't hang out with these miscreants for longer than it takes to get them gone or scam people.
     Way back when, some cops and a few perps did give me fair warning that proved to be a harbinger of what did come to pass, but I couldn't comprehend or hear it, so didn't heed it.
     This was not recalcitrance on my part; rather, I was alone, greener than green, flanked, overwhelmed, confused and scared...
     I was a gang-stalking victim and didn't know it.
     Who to trust?
     What was happening to me was crazy and what I was told about what was happening to me sounded even crazier.
     I'm no longer green, but I AM in dire straights.
I am not above falling prey to the perps again - this time out of desperation.
     I am a 61 year old, single woman who is without natural gas since September 2013 and without water since November 2013.
     Perhaps the utility companies, utility repair companies, supply and hardware stores, human services, churches, and so on down the line, are ALL perped.
     The Ruidoso Chapter of the extended Gang-Stalking Network seems to have a finger in every pie - and not a one among them seems to have an altruistic bone in their body.
     The perps DO care very much whether or not I live: I'm alive - and they don't like it one bit.
     Case in point: Last Saturday, I ran into a guy I met over a year ago through a mutual friend who is not a perp. He asked how I was doing and I told him of my plumbing problems.
     He came by my house that day to check things out, said he would repair the water and gas lines, and
would do the work on the coming Monday.  (Really. Hmmm...)
     Then, Monday changed to Friday morning.  (That's more like it.)
     Early in the week, he came by to take the parts he said were broken with him in order to purchase the correct new parts.
     Later in the week, he came by to loan me $40 because he is a "man of his word".
     Say WHAT?
     I didn't ASK him to loan me $40.
     Friday morning, he was a no-show.
     He hit on me every time he came by. I refused to sleep with him. He didn't show up because I wouldn't put out.
     When I texted him my opinion of his untoward behavior, he remained silent.      Finally, he called to say he was short of money and at home installing sprinklers to water the trees.
     Then, he sent me this text:
     "Hay just got out of the shower just relaxing cant get it that good"
     Passive-aggression RULES.
     He touted himself as being different from "all the other guys" I've
encountered who staked an altruistic claim that resolved in either the staunch refusal to help me, a decree that they only worked for pay and/or other numerous unfulfilled promises.
     I did INDEED pay one of these Stand-Up-Men-of-Their-Word.
      THAT one took the money and told me to "go fuck myself".
     I'd be better off taking a three-hour drive to Albuquerque, NM, to pick up a homeless man brandishing a sign bears the legend: "WILL WORK FOR SEX". A guy that's straight-up from the git-go perhaps would honor an agreement made and not pressure me for more.
     I've come to the conclusion that altruism is NOT an intrinsic part of human nature. It's an out-of-character impediment to the dark selfishness that blights the human condition.
     Consider: The Mescalero Apache say, "Tú béhé jindá 'i" ("Water is life").
     ALL living creatures on planet Earth need water to survive. What my gang-stalkers are telling me by taking away my water andy not allowing anyone to fix the pipes is "DIE."
     I am out-numbered by perps on the homefront an estimated 200 to 1. If someone is NOT a perp at first, I can rest, assured s/he will become one given a week or two. Hell...people around here can't sustain "nice" for more than 24 hours!
     I may as well leave the water lines broken. Winter is almost here.
     I'm cold NOW.
     My neighbor will no doubt zap my water pipes with his remote, hand-held EMF device at first frost and the pipes will come apart easily because whoever fixes them won't bother to solder them together.
     Anyway, it will be TOO cold to fix them once the temperature falls into the single digits and I'll be too exhausted from gathering the 20 cords of wood necessary to stay alive for yet another winter to care.
     So much for altruism on THEIR part.
     No matter.
     I DO NOT WANT HELP - or ANYTHING else - from ANYONE who has a black heart, a hidden agenda, a possessed soul and/or an ulterior motive.
     I will fend for myself, thank you very much - and hold fast my altruism - even if being creative with it continues to elude me.
     It sure beats the destructive darkness I've come across thus far - ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, ONLINE AND OFF - for the 7.10 years I've been a hate crime victim.