Friday, August 10, 2012

The Low Down... (Three)

RICO gives extended penalties for organized crimes, is used to prosecute all manner of criminal activity, impose sentences as long as 20 years or life and allows victims or families of murdered loved ones to seek compensation from the criminal leader found guilty of executing orders to institute the crime.

The time has come for victims of Group-Stalking to take a stand:
  • Gather evidence to substantiate our claims 
  • Join forces in a secure, supportive network 
  • Share experiences, jog memory, compare notes, organize thoughts, sequence events
  • Create lists of perps by name and vital statistics for a nationwide directory categorized via city and state 
  • Research Federal Cases with group-stalking-like activities wherein the prosecution prevailed under RICO 
  • Obtain the licensing needed for a non-profit LLC 
  • Seek free government and private grant funding to develop, establish and maintain the entire enterprise

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