Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Low Down... (One)

OCTOBER 2006 - To Date: My life in Ruidoso, NM, follows what local folks call "The Script" that is also k nown as Group-, Cause-, Gang-, Vigilante-, Terrorist-, Organized- and Multiple-Stalking.

Victims of this on-going Hate Crime typically experience Defamation of Character (slander, libel), gas-lighting, scapegoating; cyber crime, cellular, land-line hijacking; bank-, ID-, credit card-, USPS mail- fraud and/or theft; property, vehicular, weaponry damage and/or theft; electronic monitoring (via hidden camera, microphone, GPS); terrorism, harassment; Breaking & Entering, Assault & Battery; discrediting, shunning, isolation; pet murder, love fraud; career loss, financial destitution, homelessness, jail-time; psychic attack; Electronic Harassment (EH).

These covert operations are meant to induce mental breakdown and drive the victim to commit suicide, so no one will be any the wiser.

I know about group-stalking firsthand. The above list of horrific events is my own, comprised long before I knew that what was happening to me was called "Gang-Stalking or that I had become a "Targeted Individual" (TI).

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