Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making the Crossover Connection (Three)

My stalkers are known to use cell phones, computers, programs such as Cell Spy, hidden cameras and microphones, GSM, EMF and who-knows-what other electronic devices to invade my privacy, disrupt my peace of mind and take away my Right to Quiet Habitability.

And, if I want something done about it, it's up to me to prove it.

I was defamed prior to relocating to Ruidoso NM. The slanderous lies put forth by my ex-husband, Bill Schillings, made me out to be "money-bags-the-witch": a "schizophrenic, kiddy-porn film-making, meth cooking, drug addict" - and a "house-thief"!

Bill was in Ruidoso five years before my arrival. He was the best musician in the most popular band in the region, a well-known licensed contractor, in with crooks, straights and the cops!

It was a running joke among Ruidoso's finest that I saw "little green men" in my computer when I went into the Ruidoso Police Department to report 30-50K stolen from my bank account - and I had proof! Imagine the reaction if I waltzed into the station house to report being microwaved to death by the CIA - without evidence to support my allegations!

It's in our best interest to put a lid on the Counter Intelligence Program, better known as Cointelpro talk, and covert government ops conspiracy theories - even if it's true in some cases - if group-stalking victims are to regain credibility on all levels.

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