Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Low Down... (Four)

The Group-Stalking Network here in Ruidoso, New Mexico, is comprised of local addicts, outlaws and misinthrops with a penchant to mind the herd mind.

A Group-Stalking Network exists because the stalkers are on the same page.

If multiple-groups of stalkers scattered throughout the USA and Europe can act collectively in part to form a greater whole, why is rounding up it's targets to participate in a Victims of Group-Stalking Network tantamont to herding cats?

Granted, targets are fearful of retribution, but if the goal of group-stalking is the victim's demise, far be it from me to suffer in white silence waiting for them to make their final move. Covert Ops are the stalkers game, but Overt Ops - publicity and exposure - are the victim's best weapons.

Find out who your stalkers are! Tell the world what they're doing to you! There ARE ways to give the stalkers pause and catch a break.

I put word on the street to my stalkers that if they EVER drive me to suicide, I won't leave home without them.

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