Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Low Down... (Five)

Ruidoso is a small, isolated village (local pop. 7000) set in the tall, dying pines of Lincoln National Forest in the mountains of Southern NM.

Locals are related by blood and marriage. Non-locals are never fully accepted. Group-stalking victims are twice bitten and three times shy. 

I'm six years into what locals call "The Script", but it was only a few months ago, when I tossed the word "targeted" into Google Search on a whim, that I accessed information related to my experience.

I'm glad for the validation, relieved to know I'm not alone... But, my need to connect with other victims is STILL great.

Had I not acted on a hunch I may never have found the term, "Targeted Individual (TI)". Likewise, legends, such as "Thugocracy" or "Gang-Stalking", were foreign to me.

Insofar as I was concerned, gang-members have territories, wear select-color bandanas. I was thinking more along the lines of a small town conspiracy; not too far off the mark, Yet, a search with that in mind failed to yield a thing.

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