Monday, October 1, 2012

Hindsight = 20/20...

BACKTRACK: My ex-husband, Bill Schillings, resumed his love-affair with methamphetamine  during the 5th (and last) year of our marriage. Meth has a way of turning loved ones into liabilities. His inability to put it down was the root cause of our divorce in December 2001.

I purchased the house in Ruidoso with MY money and put Bill on the title. It was at MY behest - against advice of counsel - that Bill came to reside in the house in Ruidoso following the divorce. Therefore, my attorney added a clause stipulating Bill remain on the title for one year, during which time he was to complete renovations or the Ruidoso property would revert back to my sole ownship.

Twelve-years later, I RUE THE DAY I cared about Bill's welfare; to date, he proves to be without mercy or conscience when it comes to me and mine.

Bill made me an organized gang-stalking target sometime between 2004-2005. I was defamed prior to relocation, then lured to Lincoln County under the pretense of
renovating and sharing the house - none of which happened.

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