Monday, October 1, 2012

An ORGANIZED Bone of Contention...

"We are going to bilk her for everything she's worth; then, we'll do away with her." ~ Donald Lee Waltrip to Heidi Rebecca Saltz, LaVonne McCarthy and Candace (a local hairdresser, last name unknown) re. me, August/September 2007.

"First we're going to do away with all her animals; then, we're going to do away with her." ~ Rick Beggs to me, allegedly represented to him by my ex-husband, Bill Schilling, re. the hands-off murder "hit" he contracted with Dennis Grimes; February 2010.

* * *

Meth addicts and organized gang-stalkers share an over-blown sense of entitlement. They believe they are entitled to other people's money, real and personal property, and think nothing of rendering an innocent victim destitute, homeless and/or dead to get it.

My group-stalking experience serves as a textbook classic case in point:


Therefore, group-stalking needs be reported as such. The gaslighting, harrassment, street theatre and what-have-you serve to distract targets and non-participants alike.

Ask yourself this: What does group-stalking look like when the Dog and Pony Show antics are taken out of the equation?

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