Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organized Crime (Five)

Are the feds, state and/or local police involved in organized-stalking? Anything is possible. Ruidoso's Finest weren't exactly on my side when I first arrived in town. Why would they favor me considering the extent my ex and his cohorts discredited me?

This is a small town. Police are people, too - friends, neighbors, acquaintances and church-members, when off-duty.

The Ruidoso Police Chief is a member of my church. Despite the times I've been stonewalled by the department, I usually sit with his wife during Sunday services. When asked how I'm doing, I fill her in on the latest antics of my stalkers (as pertains to me and mine only), knowing she'll share the info with her husband because husbands and wives talk.

My take on the authorities re. group-stalking may not make me the most popular TI on the chopping block, but I understand their tedious position in dealing with the feds.

Moreover, who's to say the DOJ HASN'T enlisted the feds to investigate organized-stalking?

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