Monday, October 8, 2012

Organized Crime (Four)

Ruidoso, NM, is Mescalero Apache territory. The Spanish settled the area prior to Anglo occupation by the military and outlaws in the mid-1800s.

Lincoln was - and is - the most corrupt county in NM, the most corrupt state in the USA.

Ruidoso is a scenic tourist haven on the surface and a drug-trafficking byway rife with meth cooks, distributors, petty-anti dealers, users and addicts beneath it's shiny veneer. The town is under constant federal surveillance by agencies, such as the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, as a result.

This makes life difficult for police and crime victims alike, for a complaint filed on an alleged perp may compromise years of federally indictable evidence and/or the "perp" may be a fed agent working undercover. Therefore, short of taking emergency action, the Ruidoso Police Dept. (RPD), Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept. (LCSD), NM State Police (NMSP) and Mescalero Bureau of Indian Affairs police (BIA), are limited in their capacity to conduct business as usual.

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