Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organized Crime (Six)

State and local police may have knowledge of an on-going investigation, but they aren't necessarily aware of who's undercover and who's not. It takes YEARS to build a case and gather evidence that will stick when going after an organized crime ring, and not nearly as much effort to screw it all up.

I've reported many of the crimes perpetrated against me by my stalkers. Still, the crimes occurred one at a time. Years later, my files show a collective effort coming from a particular group of individuals. But, the damage is done. Now what? 

The sad truth is: If organized-stalking IS being investigated, the authorities can't help unless my life is being threatened in the moment; if the authorities won't help for whatever reason, I'm on my own - unless targets and non-targeted citizens decide to take a stand and help one another.

The former is a long-shot due to the covert ops and terrorism tactics used by the stalkers.

The latter is possible as more people realize that organized-stalking is REAL.

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