Monday, October 1, 2012

Organized Crime (Three)

My current conclusions are based upon six-years of  1st-hand experience on the receiving end of organized-stalking, interaction with Reindeer Friends and Lovers sent my way to play Reindeer Games, personal observation, intuition, deductive reasoning, hardcore facts, street talk, patter and jive.

Not my modus operandi to engage with their kind... They don't like me. I'm not like them. This is a GOOD thing. It tells me I must be doing something right!

* * *

Some folk inherit ancestral demons. I inherited my stalkers. My ex-husband had them living in and frequenting my house when I got here.

Ironically, some of my stalkers ARE partially or fully possessed (or I'll be a monkey's uncle with witches' teats).

There IS, indeed, a demonic element to this group-stalking business; in my humble opinion, Ruidoso, New Mexico, is their headquarters... but, more on that subject later.

* * *

It's a no-brainer that organized crime rings attract federal agents. Ruidoso seems to have more feds than locals tooling about town in unmarked vehicles or undercover in the guise of drug addicts, dealers and the-girl-next-door.

Ruidoso is in Lincoln County, New Mexico, after all, where the wild, wild west is frozen in time...

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