Monday, October 1, 2012

Organized Crime (Two)

Rackateers aren't going to risk their necks unless there's some relatively BIG payola in it for them. Therefore, the gaslighting and harrassment part of the group-stalking program is most likely delegated to community-based, wanna-be-convict underlings until further action is taken to "get 'er done".

Perhaps targets are kept on hold like so many spinning plates, while bigger fish are fried, until there's a lull in the greater biz at hand or the up and coming cons require training or a proving ground.

Moreover, maybe group-stalking is networked because one organized crime ring per town may not be "all she wrote".

A tree trunk roots in the ground and reaches for the sky with branches shooting out in all directions inbetween.

Likewise, there are rings below, rings above and who-knows-how-many rings in the middle before we get to the top - and to the bottom - of this group-stalking thing.

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