Monday, October 1, 2012

Organized Crime (One)

Organized-stalking is a fast-growing organized (hate) crime; therefore, it behooves targets and those who, thus far, go unscathed, to put a new twist on an old adage:

"Keep your friends CLOSER and your enemies up your @ss."

Crimes are committed for one or all of three reasons: Money, love and/or power.

Blue-collar crimes are usually randon acts committed by one person due to momentary need or passion - a series of misdeameanors, 3rd or 4th degree felonies resulting in local jail and/or state prison time.

White-collar crimes are most often premeditated by a ringleader and facilitated by career-criminals for monetary gain - all of the above plus a series of  2nd and/or 1st degree felonies resulting in federal prison time.

Revenge may be sweet to those seeking it. Sport is just so much fun and games. But, no way is a seasoned rackateer going to risk going down for a stolen lawnmower, someone's cheating heart or a person whose 2% blood quantum turned their skin the wrong color, nor will his hired henchmen play chickie with a fed indictment por nada.

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