Monday, October 15, 2012

Overt-Ops for Targets (One)

Six-years ago I had a LOT to lose and NOTHING to hide. Now I often feel I have nothing to lose and everything to hide.

The stalkers took away my most precious belonging: Time - the life-force allotted me from Oct 2006 through Oct 2012, the 26th being six years to the day I first became aware there was a problem.

My valuable time was wasted by:

1) Them, due to their relentless campaign to break my spirit, and
2) Me, in devoting so much to figuring out the who, what, when, where, why and how of things.

2006 is alleged to be the year organized-stalking began anew. It was virtually unheard at the time and not much more is known to give targets the heads-up re. what to DO.

I want to spare other targets - especially newbies - time worrying about what things mean or what will happen next. I hope YOU, the target, is the one to make what happens next HAPPEN, because the foremost issues to contend with are KEY to the success or failure of the overall group-stalking game plan.

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