Saturday, October 20, 2012

Overt Ops for Targets (Two)

Clarity comes with retrospect, as do all the "shoulda", coulda", wouldas" - how we'd have handled things differently if only we had known...

Looking back, I realize: If the media covered incidents of organized-stalking, perhaps I'd have recognized the events precipitating the early warning signs indicating I was targeted. In fact, there WAS a peculiar instance that took place about 1.6-years before things went south.

I was accused of "dissing" the Hun Brothers of my ex-husband's then music partner-housemate-friend. I didn't know his friend for more than 5 minutes, never heard of the Huns MC until they were invited to my house in Eagle Nest NM the day I moved in without my knowledge.

I was having a crisis of my own, plus all those bikers arriving out of nowhere flying colors scared me. I had no way or means to accommodate them. I approached their then President and his wife, and explained my situation. They were extremely gracious and understanding. My ex-husband and his friend were acrimonious, left in a huff, and me in the lurch...

...I asked my ex to help me. He drove from Ruidoso to Taos to Eagle Nest NM with his friend, who sized me up with what I now know was so much Street Theater and saw I was ripe for the picking. They returned to Ruidoso and began their smear campaign to ensure the stalking would occur upon my arrival.

I moved to Denver CO, my ex and I made amends, and I went about my business none the wiser...

Until my ex-husband lured me to Ruidoso NM with empty promises and a pack of lies in October 2006.

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