Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ephedrine Headache #365 X 6 + 10 (One)

Sept 21 - Nov 7, 2012.
Two months ago, I ran into a once close friend who was just released after a month in Lincoln County Detention Center (LCDC), losing three of her four children for a year, living out of town without a vehicle, in need of a ride to see her kids before they went away, and twice weekly thereafter to report to the Lincoln County Probation Office until further notice from the court.

Silly me, I always held hope that we would one day rekindle our friendship, although she defected to run with the stalkers in August 2009.

This beautiful, intelligent woman of whom I was so fond bore 1st-hand witness to the collective attack on my psyche and property for two years before utterly abandoning me, albeit compelled by addiction and peer pressure. 

Since, she physically assaulted me, was a constant companion of my ex-husband, was "raped" by my ex-boyfriend, cruelly devalued and discarded my friendship three more times, stole from me, refused me information and help, stole and sold my gun and throwing-star knife, used my desperation to salve her interim needs, placed me in jeopardy, lied to my tears, and accused me of having an "agenda" - all with no remorse, no regrets.

This go 'round was a promising illusion that shattered of a sudden and ended badly.

Why did I want to resume a friendship that went South in the most heinous way for no good reason?

If it "walks and quacks like a duck, it's a DUCK". 

Once again, I erred on the side of mercy.

This life they made for me is fraught with heartache and disappointment. 

I'm a Good-Bye-Beck-and-Call-Girl-Take-A-Fall-Girl-Interrupted...

....a target of Organized-Stalking.

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