Monday, November 26, 2012

Ephedrine Headache #365 X 6 + 10 (Two)

Wanting to believe my friend was sincere this go-round, I agreed to extend her more trust when she asked for it, although certain of her behaviors alerted me something was wrong. 

Emotional vulnerability, no income, unpaid bills, barometric pressure changes and dread of coming Winter begot stress begot allergies begot a severe sinus infection that sent me to the ER and put me in bed for 6 days. *

Tweakers barely known or better left forgotten began to text, call or randomly show up at my door - uninvited - at all crazy hours.

Chauffeuring my friend to and from town was giving me Ephedrine Headache #365 X 6 + 10.

She wasn't using meth, but she was hyper-active, talked incessantly and she WAS drinking alcohol, which she thought gave her mental "clarity". Maybe it did; she had the presence of mind to drop me on my head in true gang-stalking style, after all...

Abject loneliness and despair are NO excuse for MY stupid.

Ephedrine Headache #365 X 6 + 10 became a full blown migraine - and it was all my fault...

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