Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ephedrine Headache #365 X 6 + 10 (Three)

I have the privilege (if you can call it that) to know my stalkers up close and personal, because:
  • Ruidoso is a small town
  • Most of them are addicted to shit and therefore have shit for brains
  • If it "walks and quacks like a duck" it's NOT a zebra (unless you fervently want to believe people are intrinsically good, like I do).
But, Reindeer Games = Reindeer LOVE Games. No matter if the stalker selected for baby-sitting duty falls in love with you, as they have with me, or who they seem to be in the beginning. Love and intimacy gives them the creeps. The more you love, the more they will go for the jugular, like the vampires they are...

When all is said and done, the Mask of Sanity will come off. They are, first and foremost, loyal to the Cause.

My last tete-a-tete with a Reindeer Lover aka Gang-Stalker happened right before Thanksgiving. We spent Sunday night through late Tuesday afternoon together, swapping stories, spit and lots of heartfelt affection. But the plans we made for the holiday never came to pass.

I bought all the food - turkey, ham, all the trimmings. He called me from work on Wednesday night to say he'd be by at 9 PM to bring me and the food to his place.

My Reindeer Lover texted me from 10-11:30 PM to say he was "delayed". His final text said, "tired, going to sleep, call early AM, be right over".

He didn't show up, wouldn't answer the phone, nor would he answer the door when I drove to his house.

His phone went to voice mail straight through Thanksgiving Day.


I spent the holiday in bed and ate nothing.

Happy Thanksgiving to me.

He texted me early Friday to say he was a "dick". Then sometime between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, someone tampered with my truck.

Now I have no ride.

Moral: Isolation is far less painful than setting one's self up for even more emotional devastation than you've already experienced as a Targeted Individual.

Mea culpa for reaching out to my Reindeer Lover with hope that maybe he cared...but, shame on him for using my neediness against me.

I believe there's a special place in hell on Earth for people who hurt others with intention. They're living their karma right here, right now, by virtue of being who and what they are - pawns in a Reindeer Game they won't win.

We're not the losers. THEY are...

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