Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Know YOU Are, But What Am I?

If I am a "crazy, undesirable dissident", who and what are those stalking me?

My stalkers are a rag-tag bunch of 30-50 year old convicted felons, federal parolees, sex offenders, child-molesters, drug-dealers, traffickers, addicts, thieves and pathological liars.

Upstanding citizens? NOT.

I'm a quiet, accomplished, older woman with a home, a vehicle and no felonies. Short of a weak moment or being taken by surprise, I RARELY engage.

Why are these toothless parasites deemed credible?

One would need be deaf, dumb, blind and slow as molasses to give credence to anything they have to say.

Rumors, gossip, slander and lies travel faster than the speed of light in this town. People act on hearsay, assumption and accusation without provocation or validity.

Such is the nature of a small town. People have nothing better to do.

My stalkers are the devils I know. I feel for targets living in big cities, harassed by the devils they don't.

Still, the end result is the same.


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