Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Overt Ops for Targets (Four)

COVERT OPs 2 & 3: Defamation of Character/Gaslighting

Defamation of Character/Gaslighting go hand-in-hand.

Defamation of character is two-fold, including:

1) SLANDER - naysaying, rumors and lies meant to discredit, invalidate, devalue or otherwise destroy one's reputation

2) LIBEL - written or publicized words intended for the same purpose.

If the Street Theater charade is deemed successful by the Stalking Rat(s), the individual will be targeted and the Stalking Rat(s) will engender a smear campaign against the victim to ensure the targeting takes place.

Slander and/or libel will be used to alert local and state authorities, town officials, strategic community members, bosses, co-workers, family, friends, neighbors, strangers and non-participants to the "facts": You are a Schizophrenic and/or a pedofile, a methamphetamine and/or heroin needle junkie, a meth cook and/or illegal drug trafficker and/or a NARC, terrorist or terrorist supporter, a homosexual, prostitute, Satanist, witch, bestiality officianado, and a thief and liar, too!

If you use a cell phone or computer, be aware that if it has dial-up capacity and/or the ability to call 911, you can and will be monitored and/or hijacked and hacked, and loading for bear won't remedy the situation.

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