Thursday, December 20, 2012


"It is the privilege of those who fear love to
murder those who do not fear it!" May Sarton

Gang-stalk talk is cheap. That's why most everybody buys it. The perps buy their own stories and believe their own lies.

Those who are aware of my situation and hear the vicious rumors, know me, know BETTER, but will not stand for me are NOT worth knowing. People are either FOR me or AGAINST me. It's a lonely stance to take, but there's no happy medium.

How does one embrace with good conscience, the gutteral utterings of trolls?

Imagine being the recipient of the Gang-stalk talk sent via SMS in the following real time scenario:

MY EX-BEST FRIEND: " FUCKING suck! you are a thief, and an ungrateful, miserable, self-centered, manipulating, guilt-tripping, narcisisstic, psychopathic, extorting, opportunist, who feeds on the kindness of those who are either too nice, too stupid, or too ignorant to see thru your lazy, manipulative, self-serving ass! the truth is that you offer to do "favors" for..."

ME: "U gave me the pants the day SDF was at your house. I had them on when K helped me bring the stuff here from O's. She said they were hers but I could have them. I have no reason to lie..."

MY EX-BEST FRIEND: "First you say K gave them to you. Then you say i did. Nobody gave them to you. Same with everything else. Dont FUCKING deny it anymore. You dont WANT friendships, you want servants and "yes" men and their belongings or their dope. If they catch on, and call you on it, thats when you get busy with your character assassinations and lies. God knows you have the time to spend doing it, NONSTOP, as you dont do anything else, as you will ..."

And so it goes...

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