Monday, December 17, 2012

It's WHO You Know Can Hurt You

Organized-stalking stats suggest that the majority of multiple-stalking victims do NOT know their stalkers or why they are stalked. However, input the key phrases, such as "gang-stalking" or "organized-stalking" into any browser to discover the WHO is COINTEL-PRO REVISITED and the WHY is USA government Electronic Weaponry experimentation on select, albeit ordinary US citizens.

Whew! And to think I was worried that my neighbors labeled me a dissident!

Call me the Devil's Drooling Advocate, the Repetitive Voice of Reason or a Human Haarpie Project...but, will someone please 'splain to me:

WHY are once viable, anti-gang-stalking websites allowing the lunatic fringe to monopolize a life and death issue regarding the inability of victims of this hate crime to receive help and support because they are labeled "schizophrenic" by their tormentors at the onset?

Targeting a victim for gang-stalking is no different than hiring a hit man...

Overt, covert, hands-on, hands-off, quick and painless, slow and tortuous, the "WHY" is the same:


Contract killing comes at a premium and someone has to pay.

Gang-stalking rats, ring leaders and network road dogs have differing motives for the SAME reasons - and I don't care WHO'S doing the stalking! 
  • Learn the early warning signs
  • Keep records
  • Invest in surveillance equipment
  • Make knowing WHO your life's work
You WILL figure it out.

But don't be surprised to find you were targeted, NOT by Uncle Sam, but by your demented Aunt Tilly, who thought YOU had the gold doubloons all along...

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