Friday, December 14, 2012

Men in Black, White or Blue

Myriad covert crimes perpetrated against me from Oct 2006 through the present render me destitute, devalued and desolate, with Situational Depression, PTSD, Chronic Fatigue and a host of other problems.

Recently, I experienced yet another group-flanking,­ replete with confidence games, Street Theater, slander, property theft and gas lighting, and culminating in an attempt to use me as the fall girl to smokescreen the illegal activities of local Organized Crime ring associates.

There IS rhyme and reason for terroristic gang-stalking: Personal gain for the ring-leaders who call the shots.

Always, there are a corrupt few within the ranks of local, state and federal agencies, but targets need the help provided by these agencies to remain safe and bring the perps to justice.

Electronic Harassment (EH) via cell phone, computer, GPS, GSM and EMF devices are categorized under statutes concerning Terroristic Stalking, their misuse punishable by law; whereas microwaves and/or secret military Mind-Control weaponry are not. They exist, like unlisted phone numbers - but not for the general public.

Nuclear and electrical power plants, water reservoirs, power lines, cell phone towers, cell phones, Bluetooth head-sets, computers, sattelite dishes, televisions, tv/stereo remote controllers, electric blankets, heating pads and microwave ovens all emit radiation aka microwaves.

While the microwave/­mind-control assertion may be real for a select few ex-military personnel, it remains a subjective, virtual reality for the majority until hard-core evidence garnered by ordinary citizens with no history of mental illness is produced to substantiate claims.

Furthermore, those who believe they are singled out for covert government experimentation may (or may not) be targeted by beams, but not by human beings on a mission with intent to destroy their lives.

Recently, it seems people have come out of hiding en masse claiming to be gang-stalking victims targeted by microwaves. They have much to say about the Federal Government, but make no mention of their friendly neighborhood stalkers.

Moreover, websites created to provide factual information about gang-stalking for victims and the general public are fostering the microwave theory.

In my humble opinion, jumping on the microwave bandwagon hinders the cause of those of us suffering at the hands of career criminals, vigilantes and hateful people 24/7, 8 days a week for sport, peer pressure, money, property, position, power, love and/­or revenge.

Postings wherein every other word is "EH" with handles such as nukednelly@mothershi­, and read by people who don't know what "EH" stands for and/or are just learning about gang-stalking relegate legitimate claims to the lunatic fringe.

Who's doing the stalking...the Men in Black, the Men in White or the Men in Blue?

I'm too old to be a UFO abuctee. Straightjackets are not in vogue.

I want police see these criminals brought to justice, not just for myself, but for all concerned!

I propose that all this microwave/mind-control talk is an off-topic sidetrack, gaslighting our cause to stop the good fight.

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