Saturday, October 20, 2012

Overt Ops for Targets (Two)

Clarity comes with retrospect, as do all the "shoulda", coulda", wouldas" - how we'd have handled things differently if only we had known...

Looking back, I realize: If the media covered incidents of organized-stalking, perhaps I'd have recognized the events precipitating the early warning signs indicating I was targeted. In fact, there WAS a peculiar instance that took place about 1.6-years before things went south.

I was accused of "dissing" the Hun Brothers of my ex-husband's then music partner-housemate-friend. I didn't know his friend for more than 5 minutes, never heard of the Huns MC until they were invited to my house in Eagle Nest NM the day I moved in without my knowledge.

I was having a crisis of my own, plus all those bikers arriving out of nowhere flying colors scared me. I had no way or means to accommodate them. I approached their then President and his wife, and explained my situation. They were extremely gracious and understanding. My ex-husband and his friend were acrimonious, left in a huff, and me in the lurch...

...I asked my ex to help me. He drove from Ruidoso to Taos to Eagle Nest NM with his friend, who sized me up with what I now know was so much Street Theater and saw I was ripe for the picking. They returned to Ruidoso and began their smear campaign to ensure the stalking would occur upon my arrival.

I moved to Denver CO, my ex and I made amends, and I went about my business none the wiser...

Until my ex-husband lured me to Ruidoso NM with empty promises and a pack of lies in October 2006.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Overt-Ops for Targets (One)

Six-years ago I had a LOT to lose and NOTHING to hide. Now I often feel I have nothing to lose and everything to hide.

The stalkers took away my most precious belonging: Time - the life-force allotted me from Oct 2006 through Oct 2012, the 26th being six years to the day I first became aware there was a problem.

My valuable time was wasted by:

1) Them, due to their relentless campaign to break my spirit, and
2) Me, in devoting so much to figuring out the who, what, when, where, why and how of things.

2006 is alleged to be the year organized-stalking began anew. It was virtually unheard at the time and not much more is known to give targets the heads-up re. what to DO.

I want to spare other targets - especially newbies - time worrying about what things mean or what will happen next. I hope YOU, the target, is the one to make what happens next HAPPEN, because the foremost issues to contend with are KEY to the success or failure of the overall group-stalking game plan.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rats, Scat & Say What? (Two)

There is no privacy and nothing sacred in the group-stalking victim's world. We are monitored 24/7, 8-days a week - at home, in our vehicles and on foot - via cell phone, computer, hidden camera, microphone, recorder, GPS tracker, GMS scanner, EMF frequency devices.

Targets are also harassed with portable audio hacks, such as "Brain Assailant", a crazy-making device that emits a hard-to-find chirp every 3 minutes.

These items are not Top Secret military weapons; they are available to the general public and may be found on-line, in spy shops, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack. has videos that show you how to make your own spy tools.

I've been subjected to all-of-the-above for the purposes of information-gathering, tracking, annoyance and blackmail.

I've used the devices to my own advantage - fed my stalkers misinformation, told them off, left my cell phone by the police station and suggested they rent a billboard depicting my name with larger-than-life image of me sitting on the potty.

Film at 11.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rats, Scat & Say What!?

I tell my story to most everyone I meet. Those who know me get an earful, those who don't get the abbreviated version.

 I've been told: "Let it go"; "Put it all behind you".

 How does one put an on-going, traumatizing situation behind them when the stalkers poisoned their dog only yesterday?

 I agree wholeheartedly: Much of what I have to say sounds redundant.


The stalkers say I'm "crazy". Those who choose to believe I'm crazy, especially after meeting me, may do so because:

1) It's more convenient to invalidate me than to help me, and
2) They didn't bother to consider the source.  

Crazy IS as crazy DOES.

The majority of my stalkers are drug-addicted, gum-smacking, parasitical thieves. I own my home and vehicle, I'm an accomplished person and I have ALL my teeth. How is it I'm "crazy", while the stalkers are deemed to be rational and credible?

FYI: Go to:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organized Crime (Six)

State and local police may have knowledge of an on-going investigation, but they aren't necessarily aware of who's undercover and who's not. It takes YEARS to build a case and gather evidence that will stick when going after an organized crime ring, and not nearly as much effort to screw it all up.

I've reported many of the crimes perpetrated against me by my stalkers. Still, the crimes occurred one at a time. Years later, my files show a collective effort coming from a particular group of individuals. But, the damage is done. Now what? 

The sad truth is: If organized-stalking IS being investigated, the authorities can't help unless my life is being threatened in the moment; if the authorities won't help for whatever reason, I'm on my own - unless targets and non-targeted citizens decide to take a stand and help one another.

The former is a long-shot due to the covert ops and terrorism tactics used by the stalkers.

The latter is possible as more people realize that organized-stalking is REAL.

Organized Crime (Five)

Are the feds, state and/or local police involved in organized-stalking? Anything is possible. Ruidoso's Finest weren't exactly on my side when I first arrived in town. Why would they favor me considering the extent my ex and his cohorts discredited me?

This is a small town. Police are people, too - friends, neighbors, acquaintances and church-members, when off-duty.

The Ruidoso Police Chief is a member of my church. Despite the times I've been stonewalled by the department, I usually sit with his wife during Sunday services. When asked how I'm doing, I fill her in on the latest antics of my stalkers (as pertains to me and mine only), knowing she'll share the info with her husband because husbands and wives talk.

My take on the authorities re. group-stalking may not make me the most popular TI on the chopping block, but I understand their tedious position in dealing with the feds.

Moreover, who's to say the DOJ HASN'T enlisted the feds to investigate organized-stalking?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Organized Crime (Four)

Ruidoso, NM, is Mescalero Apache territory. The Spanish settled the area prior to Anglo occupation by the military and outlaws in the mid-1800s.

Lincoln was - and is - the most corrupt county in NM, the most corrupt state in the USA.

Ruidoso is a scenic tourist haven on the surface and a drug-trafficking byway rife with meth cooks, distributors, petty-anti dealers, users and addicts beneath it's shiny veneer. The town is under constant federal surveillance by agencies, such as the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, as a result.

This makes life difficult for police and crime victims alike, for a complaint filed on an alleged perp may compromise years of federally indictable evidence and/or the "perp" may be a fed agent working undercover. Therefore, short of taking emergency action, the Ruidoso Police Dept. (RPD), Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept. (LCSD), NM State Police (NMSP) and Mescalero Bureau of Indian Affairs police (BIA), are limited in their capacity to conduct business as usual.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Organized Crime (Three)

My current conclusions are based upon six-years of  1st-hand experience on the receiving end of organized-stalking, interaction with Reindeer Friends and Lovers sent my way to play Reindeer Games, personal observation, intuition, deductive reasoning, hardcore facts, street talk, patter and jive.

Not my modus operandi to engage with their kind... They don't like me. I'm not like them. This is a GOOD thing. It tells me I must be doing something right!

* * *

Some folk inherit ancestral demons. I inherited my stalkers. My ex-husband had them living in and frequenting my house when I got here.

Ironically, some of my stalkers ARE partially or fully possessed (or I'll be a monkey's uncle with witches' teats).

There IS, indeed, a demonic element to this group-stalking business; in my humble opinion, Ruidoso, New Mexico, is their headquarters... but, more on that subject later.

* * *

It's a no-brainer that organized crime rings attract federal agents. Ruidoso seems to have more feds than locals tooling about town in unmarked vehicles or undercover in the guise of drug addicts, dealers and the-girl-next-door.

Ruidoso is in Lincoln County, New Mexico, after all, where the wild, wild west is frozen in time...

Organized Crime (Two)

Rackateers aren't going to risk their necks unless there's some relatively BIG payola in it for them. Therefore, the gaslighting and harrassment part of the group-stalking program is most likely delegated to community-based, wanna-be-convict underlings until further action is taken to "get 'er done".

Perhaps targets are kept on hold like so many spinning plates, while bigger fish are fried, until there's a lull in the greater biz at hand or the up and coming cons require training or a proving ground.

Moreover, maybe group-stalking is networked because one organized crime ring per town may not be "all she wrote".

A tree trunk roots in the ground and reaches for the sky with branches shooting out in all directions inbetween.

Likewise, there are rings below, rings above and who-knows-how-many rings in the middle before we get to the top - and to the bottom - of this group-stalking thing.

Organized Crime (One)

Organized-stalking is a fast-growing organized (hate) crime; therefore, it behooves targets and those who, thus far, go unscathed, to put a new twist on an old adage:

"Keep your friends CLOSER and your enemies up your @ss."

Crimes are committed for one or all of three reasons: Money, love and/or power.

Blue-collar crimes are usually randon acts committed by one person due to momentary need or passion - a series of misdeameanors, 3rd or 4th degree felonies resulting in local jail and/or state prison time.

White-collar crimes are most often premeditated by a ringleader and facilitated by career-criminals for monetary gain - all of the above plus a series of  2nd and/or 1st degree felonies resulting in federal prison time.

Revenge may be sweet to those seeking it. Sport is just so much fun and games. But, no way is a seasoned rackateer going to risk going down for a stolen lawnmower, someone's cheating heart or a person whose 2% blood quantum turned their skin the wrong color, nor will his hired henchmen play chickie with a fed indictment por nada.

An ORGANIZED Bone of Contention...

"We are going to bilk her for everything she's worth; then, we'll do away with her." ~ Donald Lee Waltrip to Heidi Rebecca Saltz, LaVonne McCarthy and Candace (a local hairdresser, last name unknown) re. me, August/September 2007.

"First we're going to do away with all her animals; then, we're going to do away with her." ~ Rick Beggs to me, allegedly represented to him by my ex-husband, Bill Schilling, re. the hands-off murder "hit" he contracted with Dennis Grimes; February 2010.

* * *

Meth addicts and organized gang-stalkers share an over-blown sense of entitlement. They believe they are entitled to other people's money, real and personal property, and think nothing of rendering an innocent victim destitute, homeless and/or dead to get it.

My group-stalking experience serves as a textbook classic case in point:


Therefore, group-stalking needs be reported as such. The gaslighting, harrassment, street theatre and what-have-you serve to distract targets and non-participants alike.

Ask yourself this: What does group-stalking look like when the Dog and Pony Show antics are taken out of the equation?

Hindsight = 20/20...

BACKTRACK: My ex-husband, Bill Schillings, resumed his love-affair with methamphetamine  during the 5th (and last) year of our marriage. Meth has a way of turning loved ones into liabilities. His inability to put it down was the root cause of our divorce in December 2001.

I purchased the house in Ruidoso with MY money and put Bill on the title. It was at MY behest - against advice of counsel - that Bill came to reside in the house in Ruidoso following the divorce. Therefore, my attorney added a clause stipulating Bill remain on the title for one year, during which time he was to complete renovations or the Ruidoso property would revert back to my sole ownship.

Twelve-years later, I RUE THE DAY I cared about Bill's welfare; to date, he proves to be without mercy or conscience when it comes to me and mine.

Bill made me an organized gang-stalking target sometime between 2004-2005. I was defamed prior to relocation, then lured to Lincoln County under the pretense of
renovating and sharing the house - none of which happened.