Saturday, April 20, 2013

TI Winter Blues...

I'd like to say I took a step back to reevaluate my situation as a Targeted Individual (TI), but the TRUTH is: Winter in Ruidoso NM is a dark, dreary, difficult, and daunting affair that is seemingly designed especially for me by my dissenters.

Once again, I was relegated to inhabit 300/1500 sq ft space, the semi-adobe brick walls heated by a large stone fireplace that consumes whole logs like they are toothpicks to the tune of almost a cord of firewood a week.

Gang-stalk talk on the street is "Do NOT help her." Who knows what threats, epitaphs or incantations are muttered along with the edict, because people hear and obey.   

Gang-Stalk talk IS cheap, so it must be that people are programmed to listen to slanderous lies from  parastical, toothless wonders on drugs, drink and powder without considering the source and/or validating what they hear before reacting or acting upon it.       
My fate previously determined by the Gang-Stalking Network, I hunted,gathered, loaded, unloaded, threw down, hauled inside,ignited and cleaned up after TOO much, but not nearly enough firewood by myself on a daily basis in an effort to not succumb to an untimely freeze-dried death by Cryonics.

My pain being their pleasure, the water lines under my house burst during the first deep freeze of the season that occurred in November. Five-plus months later, I STILL have no running water, proof positive that "sympathy" is found between "shit" and "syphillus" in The Gang-Stalker's Dictionary.

This season's go-round it came to pass that I no longer have a flush toilet; in fact, I went from 2 to 0 toilets in 0 to 60 mph. I don't go to the bathroom; I go to the BUCKET instead. Guests, on the rare occasion I have company, receive a complimentary packet of baby wipes and a choice: The  bucket or the great outdoors.

BACKTRACK: In 2011, Death Winter arrived on the mountain along with sub-zero temperatures and. highs of -27 degrees. The National Guard was called in and Ruidoso was declared a National Disaster Area as water pipes froze and burst in houses all over town.

My 90 year old longhouse cabin was no exception. I called my neighbor two doors down to ask if he would help me fix the plumbing leaks. He agreed - and "help" he DID!

He helped himself to $400-plus of my money for what he said he'd do for free. No coincidence he neglected to solder the pipes.

Likewise, it wasn't just Shit Happenstance that my natural gas lines were switched to commercial use and I was hit with a whopping $700-plus gas bill, in addition to cheating sudden brain death when the steel cable holding up the 200 lb. mirror above my bed was delibrately severed by the Man-Who-Would-Be-King, causing the mirror to come crashing down in the wee hours of morning, missing my head by a hair's breath.

The high pitched "ping" I heard in my sleep woke me up in time to move out of harm's way. Unfortunately,
I stood up too quickly, got dizzy and leaned forward over the back of my big leather armchair to keep from falling, only to have the chair slide out from under me, pushing my feet beneath the kitchen cabinet and breaking the toes on both of them!

My Solder-Phobic-Wanna-Be-Plumber-Natural-Gas-Usage-Hijack-Low-Life neighbor was the ONLY person in the vicinity who had a jeep outfitted with chains, giving him the ability to drive down the steep ice-slick dirt road leading off the mountain without sliding into the next county.

Reluctantly, I called him to ask would he PLEASE take me to the ER, but his girlfriend answered  phone as well as my question.

"I'm sorry", she said, "But taking you to the ER is beyond our realm of expertise."

The toes on my left foot remain numb as a result of not having received medical attention at the time. Still, being a target with integrit beats having Numb Nuts and Shit for Brains like my Gang-Stalker neighbor and so
many others like him. 

Law of Physics: Like attracts like. Ignorant people hate and seek to destroy what they want and can't have, and/or don't know or understand.

I must have it going on inside out and updside down to incur the wrath of people who choose to gang-stalk me, yet who ARE, for all their intent and purpose to do me harm, virtual if not downright, strangers.

~Maggy-Pie, TI.
Oct 2006-Present

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nomen said...

I'm sorry about what you are going through Maggie.