Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gang-Stalking the DOJ

I can only agree to disagree regarding involvement by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in the gang-stalking of average US of A citizens, Capitalist Society and Military Government notwithstanding.
Individuals targeted by the DOJ are far, few and inbetween, and more likely to be ex-military and/or former government officials and personelle.
Likewise, despite HAARP and other similar projects, I hold to the opinion that "Mind-Control via Microwave" is an issue separate from the Electronic Harassment (EH) associated with Organized Gang-Stalking that is grass-roots, hands-on, localized and networked across the country, from chapter to chapter.
Cell phones and computers are equipped with and/or may be modifed to support cameras, VOX and video recorders, GPS, GSM and EMF applications and/or converted to mimic these devices.
Ergo, any moron with a modicum of electronic knowledge, a penchant for Hate Crime and a complete lack of integrity can get on the "Look, ma! I'm a gang-stalker!" bandwagon.
Add camoflage and a Russian assault rifle to the mix and "...we got your Rambo Mike right here" (gang-stalker places one fingerless, khaki-green, gloved hand on crotch to emphasize the point - located on the top of his head)...
MY point being: Cell phone towers, satellites, government-issue UFOs branded "Made in the USA", and the like, emit radiation beams that effect the entire populace. These objects are not programmed to refry the brains of specific individuals and, unlike Ents, they do not "stalk".
Furthermore, the majority of legitimate targets, like me, are NOT dissidents, anarchists, AB affiliates and/or Santanic Church-goers, nor are we important enough to be singled out by the DOJ to be gang-stalked at considerable expense to the 13 members on the World Health Organization (WHO) Board of Directors, who sit on bricks of gold buillion hoarded through generations like  a flock of antideluvian dragons.
While trying to ascertain what in hell is going on and who is behind the stalking these past few years, I've watched the Internet grow rife with people claiming to be targeted by the US DOJ, though what they describe does not include incidents of slander, gaslighting, scapegoating, brighting, mobbing, street theater, cybercrime, cell phone hijacking, the use of common electronic harassment devices, money fraud, property damage, pet murder, shunning, isolation, job loss, homelessness, financial destitution and/or emotional devastation leading to "freak" accidents (deliberate accidents caused by freaks), suicide, homicide and/or the covert acts of terrorism integral to gang-stalking and perpetrated by human beings.
If the DOJ has us on a Black List, it's because of people who infiltrate our ranks, pose as victims and cite the US government in the name of free speech and the American Way in order to hinder our cause.
In my humble opinion, Organized Gang-Stalking is an Organized Crime perpetrated by Organized Crime Ring-leaders and their associates: The shotcallers, career criminals, pocket-police, wanna-bes, community members, et al, who organize to conspire and carry-out the orders to gang-stalk targeted individuals (TIs) because the Rat requesting the "hit" covets the target's money, love and/or power or seeks revenge, likes the sport, is having a Bad-Hair Day and/or simply because s/he CAN.
More to MY point: What - if anything - are TIs doing in the way of self-protection or to bring the perpetrators to justice and this hate crime to a grinding halt?
I ask because I am at my wits end and fresh out of (legal) ideas, though in my opinion (were it legal), 'taint nuttin' that a vigilante band of bat-weilding, wilding Italians can't cure.


The tweakers who are my stalkers can't HELP but "communicate". They don't shut up and they all have cell phones.

No phone time?

No problem! They can hack and clone the time with the best of them!    

Financial wherewithal?

Just a tool shed away. That's what pawn shops are for, don't you know?

Insofar as "organization" is concerned, you've never seen people more organized than drug addicts meeting a connect to get their fix.

You may be right, but this be a VERY small town. Who does what, when, where, why, how and to whom is common knownledge just minutes after (and sometimes BEFORE) it happens.
They don't call it RUMORdodo por nada...


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I think you were given disinformation. Your house as compensation? They have probably already spent 100 times what your house is worth.

This is 100% a government-owned operation. How do I know? I have traveled extensively on business in the US and the hand signals, colors, caravan of cars, mobbing, is the same everywhere. This requires training.

This operation also requires MASSIVE communication, organizational, and financial capabilities.

This is all about social and political control under the guise of watching terrorists and criminals.

Some people wonder, "why would people spend all this time and money to stalk and harass me?" It's not about you, per say.

The network is already in place and you were just added to the list.

You were reported as a suspicious person and added to the terrorist watch-list. Most on the list are innocents.

Here are a website that accurately describe what is taking place and by whom:

Best of luck..

Maggy-Pie said...

Thank you for your comment and your concern.

I am aware of the disinformation that permeates both Internet and Social Media websites since 2012.

Reports of hand-on hands-off murder perpetrated by local stalkers gave way to link after anti-US Government link citing the CIA, "Air Force scripted perps" and all Federal, state and local authorities as the perpetrators of our cause-stalking.

If I wasn't on a Terrorist Watch List from the start, I wager I am now! Add Illuminati, V2k, nano-technology to the mix and non-targets deem me both a dissident AND delusional, thanks to my fellow "TI"s.

Too, whereas I have a chance of prosecuting the stalker-next-door with sufficient evidence, I can only rage against the machine, nothing more. No vindication or restitution for me, though I could post link after link, I suppose. ;-)

IMHO, patents do not a perpetrator make - no matter WHO the braintrust or WHAT entity the developer.

I am also aware of MY particular brand of stalking.

I was targeted by my ex-husband. He wanted my Real and personal property - and me gone.

My perpetrators are a betrayal bonded band of local tweakers and my stalking is good, old-fashioned, hands-on, grassroots
Gang-Stalking as per the days of Eleanor White, who coined the term back in 2006.

However, "Gang-Stalking" is a misnomer, I believe. This hate crime Is better named "cult-stalking" and it may be the US Government and our stalkers are targeted by it's members, even as they target us.