Monday, January 27, 2014


"The best way to counter-attack a hater is to make it blatantly obvious that their attack has had no impact on you."
~Timothy Ferriss~

I haven't blogged since my truck brakes failed back a few months back.
     The truck went careening backwards down my steep hill aka front lawn, to be stopped by my fruit trees only a few feet from my house. This happened as I put it in reverse to park.
     Me and my dog jumped out of the vehicle and ran for safety. Ungortunately, the truck ran over my natural gas line on the way down, which was exposed when once not too long ago, was buried underground. Gas whooshed under the chassi and permeated the air. It took the local police, the fire department, the gas company and a wrecker several hours to stop the leak and lift my truck up and over the gasline and back onto the street. There was talk of evacuating the entire neighborhood before all was said and done.
     $600-plus later, the mechanic who inspected my vehicle determined the cause of my having no brakes was "negligence".
     The mechanic sent by the Mormon church to fix my "no brakes" problem that occured in June 2012, assisted by my neighbor who lives two doors down, (unbeknownst to me for I was uninformed the mechanic was coming until after the fact and not at home at the time he arrived), had inadvertently put the brakehose in backwards.
     I had no truck from mid-September through early November 2013 because the driveline cracked due to the incorrectly installed brakehose. It's driveable for the moment, albeit I'm missing both sideview mirrors, one taillight is out, the back fender is ripped, the back bumper down and the body has a few more dings.
     Now both sides match, the other side damaged by hate-loving gang-stalkers just by virtue of being parked on the street in front of my house. Needless to say, I don't park it there anymore. It's parked where my vigilant neighbors can see it and I can hear it. My newly installed silent alarm system is set to go off if someone so much as breathes on it.

The above is just one example of the kind of things haters do for the sake of...
     I don't get off on doing people this way. Other people's pain is NOT my pleasure. But, then again, I'm not a hater.
     Neither am I public nuisance, political dissident, corporate traitor, drug trafficker, pedophile or ex-con nor do I have outstanding warrants or any felonies on record.
     Still, I am a gang-stalking target from October 2006 to date. And, when I think about it, my being gang-stalked may actually have started in May of 2004. Ten years a victim of an on-going crime...
     ....go figure.
     That's a lot of hell heaped on one person whose primary function in life was self-improvement and instilling confidence in others.
     One question I pose to myself and others is: How do those of us who are targets of this heinous HATE crime find ourselves again?
     While it's necessary to understand who is doing this to us, why they are doing it and how, once we have this information, we need to take care of ourselves, and each other, too.
     We've lost a lot in the way of friends, family, significant others, beloved pets, property, career and reputation, not to mention YEARS, all because of haters who take pleasure in the pain and suffering of others.
     How much more blood, sweat and tears do you care to give to their cause?      Maybe it was good for them, but was it good for you? NOT.

Whoever you are, if you are a target, I suspect you are a descent person, despite your faults.
     We ALL have a shadow side; however, some shadows are darker than others.
     I've done things I'm not proud of in ignorance or out of my own stupidity, but I know for a FACT I've done NOTHING to warrant being gang-stalked by psychopathic haters who get their rocks off in the name of God, country, mom and apple pie.
     This is NOT the American way as I know it.
     This in not in ANY way acceptable to any righteous, God-loving, God-fearing person upholding justice in these United States or in any NATO country.
     I won't throw the proverbial "baby out with the bath water" due to a corrupt few.

I know of what I speak based on experience: I have little money, no natural gas and no heat save a fireplace that consumes approximately twenty cords of wood per winter, which I have to hunt and gather myself or freeze.
     I have no water, either, for the fourth winter in a row.
     My water pipes that were repaired last March broke at first frost.
     Therefore, "waste not, want not" is my motto.              
     Conservation goes a long way as for saving grace, as does moderation in all things.
I suggest we leave extremism to the haters, because "opposites attract" and "like attracts like".
     Like "kindness", this is easier said than done ( and I dare anyone who thinks kindness is weakness give it a try if they want to see what they've got in the way of intestinal fortitude); yet, perhaps neutrality is best in a situation such as ours.
     Be Geneva.

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