Monday, January 27, 2014


....then again, SO AM I. :-)
Re. The commentary I allowed to be visible on my blog, citing the US government as being behind gang-stalking:
Call me Pollyanna; yet, while I am well aware of the terrorist watch that commenced with the inception of 911 and Homeland Security, all this talk about US government gang-stalking makes me sick.
     If I were a terrorist, perhaps I'd get on the anti-government band wagon, but I personally have no evidence to support claims such as this.

There are organized crime rings, great and small, and affiliated motorcycle clubs in just about every town, networked throughout every state in the union, with rules and regulations that must be memorized and followed by each and every member.
     IF these groups are responsible for the gang-stalking, considering their numbers, common sense would indicate that perhaps the authorities may be stymied in terms of how to go about indicting the ring leaders and their accomplices without causing Street World War lll and without  bringing more harm to those of us who are already targeted in addition to non-targeted non-participants.
     Here in Ruidoso NM, Organized Gang-Stalking is called "The Script" and said to be fashioned after the screenplay cum movie, Gaslight.

I am subject to electronic harassment (EH). My neighbor, two doors down,  the same one I allege reversed my brakehose and who I believe, based on what I've witnessed first-hand and on informatiin come to me on good authority, is using a remote Jammer and  EMF device to skew my utility meter readings to the end they reflect higher usage.
     FYI. Any moron can purchase these EH devices online or off for $35 and up, and mess with people's lives until their black heart is content.
I am not a dolt. I realize that the government and/or the authorities may be involved in some cases; but, not necessarily in EVERY case.

My dealings with the world-at-large are up front, close and personal; still, I do not initiate trouble nor do I want to instigate further problems than I already have through no apparent fault of my own.

I contend that MY take on the matter of Organized Gang-Stalking is equally feasible, more logical and highly probable, in MY case, if not in the case of others.

WTF do any of us know beyond limited facts, our own individual perception and conjecture, all of which makes "truth" a paradox at best?

Jack Shit next to nada, if you ask me.

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