Friday, February 28, 2014


"The schizophrenic mind is not so much split as shattered. I like to say schizophrenia is like a waking nightmare."
~Elyn Saks~
Likewise, the psychopathic mind is not so much predatory as amoral. I like to say psychopathy is like a self-serving convenience.
     Not all psychopaths are gang-stalkers, but the majority of gang-stalkers, if not actual psychopaths, are psychopathic, and psychopathic personality types do not play by the rules, even if we do.
     There is NO honor among these unremorseful thieves of material resources, lifeforce and time. They can - and will - size you up in a heartbeat,  mimic your vulnerabilities, create a sympathetic rapport,  raise you up to great heights, eat your vitals while you still live and breathe, throw you down, kick you to the curb and walk away - easy - before you even know their real or full name. And, repeat the entire scenario with their next victim, who was already selected in the midst of their dealings with you!
     Psychopathic behavior is ritualized. I liken it to an extreme form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), an anxiety disorder characterized by repetitive thoughts and  behaviors; however, while people with OCD are distressed by their irrational actions, the psychopath feels justified and satisfied with his behavior, so much so that he can't wait to do it again and again, upping the ante each time.
     This is one reason why psychopathic people make good gang-stalkers, and why methamphetamine use is prevalent among multiple-stalkers.
     Meth destroys empathy and compassion as it burns out these receptors  in the brain. Therefore, long term and/or intraveous use of the drug changes a person's personality because when the brain is altered, the personality is altered too.
     Interesting that non-targets trust the word of psychopathic gang-stalkers when they defame targets by saying we are schizophrenic. I've been labeled that and worse, and none of it true.
     But, what I'm saying regarding those who engage in the stalking is true for many involved.      
     Some of my stalkers have questioned their inability to feel another's pain, but seem to prefer being cold, callous and unfeeling. And, I can't help but think that our pain is their pleasure because they go out of their way to cause it.
     Consequently, gang-stalking targets experience more hardship than we know what to do with in one lifetime; in fact, I never heard of anyone having as many set-backs and mishaps as we do save Biblical Job from the land of Uz.
     However, because we are labeled "schizophrenic" by the gang-stalkers, because "....this is a hate crime made to sound unbelieveable when any attempt is made to describe it..." and because the general public is mis- or uninformed about gang-stalking, no one believes us or that gang-stalking even exists.
     Still, if gang-stalking is an urban legend and it's all in my head, would someone please 'splain what happened to me from Oct 2006 to date?
      I ask because I did not choose to live like Pioneer Woman for the past four winters. My utility bills were paid, I can name names as to who did the damage to my water pipes, who I suspect upped my electricity and water usage with a remote EMF device and who caused me to have no brakes and no natural gas as a result.
    The gang-stalkers say targets are "crazy", but omit the qualifier - the premeditated ACTion deliberately initiated by the stalkers to illicit the target's irate or overly-emotional RE-action - when telling others of our heinous transgressions against society.
     Furthermore, according to the stalkers, targets are on a "self-destruct".
     We inflict any and all injuries to life and limb that occur due to our stalkers upon ourselves.
     We damage our own property, disable our own vehicles, hack our own computers, poison our own pets, destroy our own reputations, relationships, careers and credit ratings, and ultimately, we destroy ourselves, too, via suicide or freak accident, all the while pointing a finger at innocent community members who are only trying to help us.
     The gang-stalkers say we do these terrible things because we are unable to cope with reality, yet fail to mention THEIR part in causing us to experience extreme duress, grief, humiliation and dispair.
     Dare we try to find out what is happening to us, who is doing it, how and why, we are silenced and outcast, like the proverbial Goat in the Wilderness.
     The guilty parties do not want to hear it, lest our complaining elicits sympathy from the non-participants who may be in a position to help us.
     Very few believe us when we attempt to describe machinations designed to appear commomplace.
     Those who do believe us aren't giving us the satisfaction of letting on for fear they may be obligated to do something about it - or simply due to fear itself.    
     Times are tough. Many people are struggling to make ends meet. We need to be able to fend for ourselves if we are to survive gang-stalking with our souls and sanity intact.
     People believe in a God they've never seen, yet disbelieve the victims of an on-going hate crime who stand before them in the flesh and in obvious need of help.
     This means we must live our truth alone as best we may until that day comes when our collective predictaments arising from the unknown creature with one head and many bodies that follows the same script and shares the same modus operandi is neutralized or annihilated by media   exposure, common knowledge and the US Supreme Court.
     Yet, until that day arrives, psychopathic gang-stalkers will convince their unwary listeners that their victims are the perpetrators and they are the victims, and targets will have to live with labels and lies that obscure who we really are.
     It's a travesty of justice, but the real shame is on our family, friends and loved ones who buy into the bullshit though they know us better than that.


Anonymous said...

Organized Gang Stalking, Chennai, India.
Nicely written. I am Targeted Individual for the past 6 years.
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TiredTargeT said...

Hear, hear.

TiredTargeT said...

hear hear hear hear!

Anonymous said...

My name is Shawn Spencer. I am currently suffering from this. Zach Bone. If anyone wants to talk, please text 4193926481

Tom Ace said...

Ridiculous as it is I have concluded that the label 'perp' is too good for these idiots. Lazy freeloaders don't wanna work is more befitting. Looking for a free ride for that free dope. Bowing their knee at the altar of insanity vs getting a job and doing your own thing without undue and unnecessary attention. Totally UNAWARE as to their inability of affect of what is known as PRACTICAL APPLICATION. Amazingly ignorant. Fake i.d.'s fake phone numbers. Street theatre. Non disclosure agreements. Stupidity abounds. All to get free dope. In some sick perverted 'LOOK AT ME' scenario OBVIOUSLY going on in their television head acting it out in reality. As if no one knows or sees it. Totally convinced (in their heads of course) that they are superior in covert drama. Jerry Springer events of great proportional altitude. So much so that they themselves are the few 'elect' of the great sphincter down below and shall NEVA and again I say NEVA get caught. Lmfao. All leaders of all countries should just simply 'shut it down' and go home. For as in the days of.....I dunno some great asshole....they rule and are in complete they can do free