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"God is the Devil as He is misunderstood 
by the wicked."
~Old Hermetic Axiom~

This blog is a sidetrack to my usual way of addressing my evil fate as a victim of the on-going hate crime commonly known as Gang-Stalking. I have posted it several times; each time it is hacked and rendered unreadable.
     I don't know. It is simply my take regarding the practice of Satanism that is, if not part and parcel, an off-shoot of Gang-Stalking.
     I can say with conviction that Satanism is practiced by some of my stalkers, one of whom established the Satanic Church that is on the outskirts of town several miles away many moons ago.
     One need not believe in the devil and it's minions to suffer it's ill effects. Black magic is not what most might think. 
     It is, in essense, manipulating someone or a group of people against their will, or causing them to believe a lie and act on it.
     It is also a form of black magic to focus one's attention upon a person and hold them in a dark light, especially when negative thoughts are accompanied by bad feelings, such as jealousy, lust or wrath.
     Thoughts are things. 
     Nothing would be accomplished without thought. The aforementioned activities are thoughts and deeds people unconsciously indulge on a daily basis. It is wrong and hurtful, but when done with individual or collective intent, such as occurs when one is gang-stalked, it can cause illness,  sometimes leading to death.

* * * * *

The Bible says, "Satan is the ruler of this world." (John 12:31, 14:30, &, 16:11)
     If Satan was cast from the heavens and given the Earth to rule, then it stands to reason:
》We are not going TO hell
》We are IN hell. 
》We need to get OUT of hell.
     Yet, because humankind is "....of the earth, earthy...", comprised of flesh and blood and bone, we all share in the human condition: All of us are born to die due to our genetic inheritance, belonging in part to God and in part to the earth that is ruled by Satan.
     If we choose to align ourselves with the Christ that is Love, the Christ will fight for our salvation and champion us through the final battle for salvation of the World Soul that is all the souls on earth in one.
     Meanwhile, we are vulnerable because we live in Satan's shadow.
     Therefore, it is through the people with whom we associate, the places we frequent and the things we acquire that we may become acquainted with and/or tainted by evil.
     Those who lust for power over the earth, it's wealth and/or inhabitants, are wont to align with Satan and risk losing their souls to the Devil. Thus, Lucifer will champion their souls in the final battle for ALL souls.
* * * * *  

There is no mistaking the sinister, hair-raising feeling emanated by evil when it makes it's presence known; yet, more often then not, evil is so subtle as to be barely perceptible, well-hidden behind the Pretense that is naught but a Lie. 
     It is very difficult to discern the evil in our midst because we are constantly desensitized by, bombarded with and/or immersed in Hollywood's razzle-dazzle, the news media blitz and all the other "fast food" fun and games offered up 24/7 by modern Western Society.
     Too, Lucifer is the most beautiful angel, even though it is the evil  antithesis of the Christ that is Love.
     Or, so it seems to our straight-line way of thinking that causes us to interpret the world around us with divided perception that separates what we see, each with our own unique ability to cognize, into polar opposites, such as black and white, chaos and order, evil and good, and so on...
     Yet, in reality, there is no separation - not if we believe God is One and the Creator of all things, for the truth is hidden in plain sight:
》The planets are round and move in circular motion.
》DNA spirals up and down the spinal cord.
》Leaves circle as they fall to the ground and are blown about by swirling gusts of wind.
     The reality of things AS THEY ARE shows us that linear thinking is not in keeping with the natural order of the world around us. We only see a partial picture, a snapshot taken in the moment with no before and after. Still, we know there two sides of the sun and two sides of the moon, each side belonging to one and the same orb, even though we only see one side and have little concept of the other.
     Ostensibly, the other side is the Unknown and most of us fear what we do not know.
     Thus,"God is the Devil as He is misunderstood by the wicked" holds true for too many, which is why evil runs amuck and rules our world.
     We will continue to see only a small portion of the greater whole - and an even smaller portion of the Greater Good - unless we let go the old mental constructs and expand our breath of vision to consciously embrace and foster the Greater Good for all humankind.
     Each one of us is responsible for his/her own fate even though our destiny is not etched in stone or even relegated to one incarnation.
     We all have many incarnations in one lifetime, reincarnating with every forward motion and leaving the past behind in order to reach our goal, realize our fate and manifest our destiny.
     But, this action is due to linear thinking, too.
     The can be no end result, no perfection on earth, if we are to believe in eternal life and a world without end.

Eternity is Forever.
     "Forever" has valleys to cross and mountains to climb, but even if the last descent is higher than the previous ascent, still there will be more, with new and improved pitfalls along the way.

* * * * *    

Many years ago, I consciously chose Christ to champion my soul upon entrance into the Dark Night of the Soul that tested my mettle against the visible and invisible forces of evil that rule this world. 
     The battle that ensued was at once a Holy War waged in heaven and an unholy holocaust fought in hell on earth that was inside me!
     The Evil One was present throughout what seemed an eternity, in it's true and monstrous form, palpable in the physical sense,  to sight, sound, smell and taste, with the exception of touch. It could not touch me for all that it overwhelmed me with repulsion and fear.
     I felt I was close to death and I prayed that Christ be the winner take all, having born witness to the Devil that is every vice and plague and depravity and atrocity perpetrated by people who choose evil over good, Satan over God and Lucifer over Christ.

* * * * *

Indeed, there ARE evil people in this world. Collectively, they comprise the entity that is the Beast named in the Biblical book of Revelations.
     The mission of the Beast is to capture and imprison souls that bear the mark of the Christ, in an attempt to tip the scales of balance toward the side of evil as all of humankind enters into the Dark Night of the World Soul, in preparation for the final battle that draws ever near.
     Free will allows us to choose who will champion our soul - God or the Devil. 
     Take your pick. 
     There is no Devil for those who are united with God. There is only God, who is One and the Creator of All Things.

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