Friday, March 28, 2014


"Honesty is the cruelest game of all, because not only can you hurt someone - and hurt them to the bone - you can feel self-righteous about it at the same time."
~Dave Van Ronk~

What if someone:
     》Is deliberately dishonest and self-righteous about it?
     》Makes an erroneous assumption, follows it up with a false accusation, ACTS on it and GETS EVEN with you should you dare REact to their allegations that are wrong and wholly subjective in the first place?
     》Slanders you to all and sundry, hell and back, and with lies so vicious they can get you killed?
      THAT is what the gang-stalkers do.
     Life is hard enough without the games people play. If you are a gang-stalking target like me, life is even harder.
     People don't seem to "know their levels", which means being cognizant of just how much another person can hear, absorb and/or tolerate in the way of truthful information.
     Most people don't know their OWN levels and the gang-stalkers obviously don't care about levels. They just want their victims to hurt.

  * * *  
Our ability to perceive any given situation is unique; ten witnesses at an accident are apt to report ten different versions of the same incident.
     Some people have high physical pain thresholds; other people can't tolerate much in the way of pain at all.
     Emotional pain is no different. What sends one person through the ceiling will send another person through the floor.
     Brutal honesty is not always the best policy nor is it always necessary. I don't like omissions of truth; sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. There is no point in hurting someone if it can be avoided.
     Nine out of ten times, people tell the truth because they feel guilty and/or are afraid they will be found out for something they've done. Their motive is a selfish one and they are the only one to benefit.
     I have no problem with honesty. I can own what I do. I handle everything, even the gang-stalking, within the confines of the law when necessary. If you are a target, I suggest you do the same. The gang-stalkers have discredited us enough. If we act out, we prove them right, so don't do it.
     Be that as it may, I do have a huge problem with dishonesty. I staunchly refuse to own what isn't mine; it belongs to the liar, not to me.
     Taking this stance makes me look bad. People say, "You are NEVER at fault. What did you do to THEM to make them gang-stalk you?"
     The answer is, "Nothing."
     I did nothing wrong to cause the gang-stalking. My ex-husband wanted my house. He targeted me or took the ball and ran with it. End of story.
     Since then, I've done what's necessary to protect myself and I will call the police depending on who is making the trouble.
     I don't initiate problems, though sometimes I'm guilty of perpetuating them. There's only so much bullshit in the way of slander I can take. Rewriting my history, editing my script and presenting this detritus to ME as if I'm brain-dead - sets me off. I was there. I don't have Alzheimer's.
     But when viewed from another perspective, the lies that the gang-stalkers tell about me let me know who they are and what they have done or are doing to me. This is because they always tell the First Lie.
     I've mentioned the First Lie before and will no doubt mention it again. It's important for targets to know how it works.
     The perps will slander a target in accordance with their most recent attack and accuse the victim of doing it to them.
     They villianize victims on a continuous basis to invalidate us and keep us isolated. Then they send in a Reindeer Friend or Lover to create chaos and place a target under duress in an attempt to drive us to "suicide". If that doesn't work, they do something to cause a freak "accident".
     It's standard, a routine part of the script...
     It's also attempted hands-off murder, all in a day's work and a dime bag.
     I hope they choke on it considering all the damage they've done to me and mine, and to other targets like me.
     One would think dishonesty weighed in equal measure with honesty. But, I think it weighs more because I can refute it and provide hardcore proof that the stalkers tell lies, but people believe what they want to believe, and to date, not only will no one look at the proof - no one other than other TIs have ever bothered to ask me a damn thing regarding my side of the story.
      "Put it in the past", I am told.
     How can I do that when it's the "gift that keeps on giving"?
     Gang-stalking is an on-going HATE crime. When it stops, I'll STFU about it. If they shut me up, my attorney and several trusted others have access to my evidence and know who to prosecute.
     Then the truth will outweigh the lies and my honesty will come back to haunt those who are dishonest - and no SELF-righteousness about it.
     Just RIGHTEOUSNESS, since the dead tell no tales.
     But, I AM HERE NOW -here to tell you I don't need negative attention, I have no reason to lie and the "truth WILL out".

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