Tuesday, April 29, 2014


"I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes, so live not in your yesterdays, not just for tomorrow, but in the here and now. Keep moving and forget the post mortems; and remember, no one can get the jump on the future."
~Carl Sandburg~

I am told by EVERYONE to put the gang-stalking behind me. 
     I do...

     I apologize if this is an unseemly thing to say. I am a dignified person and having to do so is about as undignified, unseemly and behind me as it gets.            Having NO WATER and, consequently, NO FLUSH TOILET, every winter from November through March for the past four winters, with my current situation beginning in October 2013, lasting through this month of April and most likely into May, SUCKS.
     Furthermore, I have NO NATURAL GAS due to having NO BRAKES and careening backwards over my gasline back in September 2013. 
     My entire house runs on natural gas! I will have NO COOK STOVE and NO HOT WATER, IF I ever do have running water again.
     And, I can't remedy the situation because I have NO MONEY to spare. 
     I have to laugh at the commentary I received on a previous post by the Christian Third Reicht, saying I will go to hell for my sins. 
     I'm already in hell.
     Where is he at?
     My guess: He's sitting on the throne, reading the Good Book. 
     I contend that a true Christian knows loving-kindness, willing-acceptance and has good, old fashioned sympathy for the human condition we ALL share, and would volunteer to fix my plumbing, rather than tell me I'm a sinner.
     Furthermore, despite my discomfort, the gang-stalkers are concerned that I am without a "handler".
     A handler is a manager, a person who oversees the targets affairs, or, as in my case, a Reindeer Friend or Lover sent by the gang-stalkers to play Reindeer Games with me, mismanage my affairs and report all they see and experience during their time spent with me back to headquarters.
     I had TWO of these yoyos in my life for a while: One was a "friend", the other a "lover", and both were haters.
     There is nothing for a handler to do in MY world, save position the bucket. THAT, in and of itself, would be worth the price of admission.
     Too bad for THEM: There will be NO MORE HANDLERS
     I've had it with the bullshit. I want REAL-lationships and REAL-ationships I shall have - as soon as I recover from the last Reindeer Lover aka handler, who neglected to handle me with care and gave himself up in the end when, via text, he said, "....Well, I need somebody to watch your fucking store."
     "WHAT "store"? I shit in a bucket,"  I countered.
     But, I know he knows I'm not in the business of selling fertilizer or in any business at all. 
     I'm a stay-at-home target. 
     Making sure no one calls Belkins Van Lines to load up my material possessions, and protecting me and mine, is a thankless, 24/7, 8-day-a-week job with no time and a half, and no time off for holidays - or fair to middlin' behavior.
     Gang-stalkers are human (I think), though not to be confused with humane. This means they are not infallible.            Handlers are higher up in the food chain than the average, garden-variety, gang-stalking goon. I assume they are hand-picked by those above them because they are semi-coherent, willing to take orders and easily manipulated into doing what is required for a partial share in the spoils of war - in addition to the prerequisite dime bag.
     This means we can manipulate them, too. (hint...hint...)
     Still, I'm getting too old, ornery and impatient to play head games. If I'm in the market for mental masturbation, I can get it on Facebook from the "Parasitically-Infected-Targeted-Individuals-With-Refried-Brains-Due-To-Under-Handed-Above-Top-Secret-Star-Wars-Technology" crowd.
     Or from links such as http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread921383/pg1, the title of which is "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" and at the end of which the author suggests targets are "paranoid".
     Yeah. I'm paranoid the bucket will fall over with me on it and shit in it.
     I bet HE has heat and hot running water in the wintertime, and a year-round flush toilet.
     I don't want anything from anyone unless it's given freely and from the heart, so beyond what is dropped in the bucket, I guess I'm just shit out of luck.
      So, you best believe me when I say: Not even a Handler-With-Care-BEAR is getting so much as a stuffed, faux fur foothold in my door - and any remote handlers put in place to call the shots in MY life can handle THIS...
     However, to be fair, the gang-stalkers are not much better off than we are: In fact, they are both the stalkER AND the stalkEE.
     When you think about it, those who choose to precide over targets and shot call what befalls us believe they are doing something good, due to propaganda, brain-washing, falsified paperwork, money, dope and who-all-knows-WTF else. 
     They MUST. They must believe the lies because playing Show and Tell to shut down their Dog and Pony Show for the past 7.6 years has not moved them to stop stalking me one iota
     The handlers don't know we are innocent nor do they realize they were targeted for the job.
     If the gang-stalking handlers would wake up and join forces with the targets, perhaps this whole gang-stalking thing would come to a grinding halt.
     THAT would be nice. 
     Then we would ALL be free from enthrallment and maybe I could have indoor plumbing for a change.
     THAT would be nice, too.

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