Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Say WHAT?!

"If you want to be thought a liar, always tell the truth."
~Logan Pearsall Smith~

Since becoming a target of Organized Gang-Stalking, I learned to state first-hand facts without embellishment and to alert the listener when the story I'm telling is theoretical or hearsay.
     Perhaps it's because I'm so exacting that I am deemed a liar. It's a fact that people eschew what I have to say. The fact that I can backup most of my words with documentation matters not; no one cares to see it. Most prefer to believe I am full of shit and leave it at that...IF I am asked to tell my side of the story, which is rare.
     Not once in the 7.6 year Slander Campaign engendered by the stalkers that has ruined my reputation and put me in harm's way has anyone bothered to ask me if what they heard is true. I find it odd, for what they've heard runs from the ridiculous to the sublime to the downright dangerous.      According to the perps, I am a:

》Kiddy-porn film maker
》Meth cook and needle junkie 
》Madam and a ho
》Satanic worshipper and witch
》Money bags
》Disrespectful, lacking ettiquette
     The last entries on the above list are most recent. It is said I am disrespectful by those who proved to be faux friends and stole from me, and I was told I lack ettiquette by a woman who spat forth the charming phrase, "Lick me where I shit."
     The gang-stalkers are well aware that their slander wreaks hands-on havoc in my life, while the non-targeted non-participants find what I have to say unbelievable, the non-partisaned standers-by do not care and the authorities add to the frey by saying I see "little green men" in my computer. 
     Say what?
     My computers were compromised beyond repair starting in 2006. I'm a published author without a working machine since 2009; in fact, I use a mobile phone to access the Internet. Still, I am forced to change cell phones and phone numbers more often than some folks change their underwear because my phones are hijacked on a regular basis.
     Were I to set down on paper in chronological order, all that has befallen me since I arrived in Ruidoso... or even since September 2013, Steven King would beg permission for authorship and movie rights. 
     FACT: ALL of that which has happened to me - IS happening to me - has occured as a result of my first being slandered and subsequently, due to people who choose to embrace lies over truth, falsely assume and/or accuse, and REACT to what they've heard without considering the source or bothering to validate a fucking thing. 
     I've said this before, in prior blog posts, that in order to stop the newly targeted from being gang-stalked, the slander must be nipped in the bud. But, victims of this on-going hate crime do not realize they are being set-up for a fall at the onset. The slander has already taken root in the deep minds of neighbors, co-workers,  business associates, shop-owners, aquaintances, friends, lovers, life-mates, family, law enforcement personelle and total strangers, and it appears to be too late to do anything about it, especially if you don't know who started it.
     Still, to my way of thinking, there is truth and the lie, and there is FACT and the lie. 
     Truth is a matter of perception, colored shades of gray and a paradox at best, but FACTS are, for the most part, irrefutable. In other words, 10 witnesses at an accident whereupon someone was killed may see 10 different things, but the victim is dead, and that's a fact.
     Slander can be refuted with factual information at any time if one  knows who is responsible for perpetrating the lies and it can be proven that what is said is the cause of damage to life, limb and property.
     I have yet to practice what I preach and file a lawsuit for Defamation of Character, though I know the culprits by name, I have evidence and my life is in shambles because of it. My problem with doing so is, win or lose, the material damage is done and the perps don't have a pot to piss in, so there  will be no restitution. Neither will I be vindicated even if my reputation is restored; there is too much water under the bridge for me to trust apologizes from people who came after me based on what somebody told them - with or without proof.
     Sorry IS as sorry DOES. 
     I was new here. The slander preceded my arrival. I was assailed by total strangers right from the start, subject to unprovoked attack. I can't imagine doing the same to someone, known or unknown, were the situation reversed.
     Case in point: I've been seeing someone on and off for the past two years, who was told I was trying to set him up two months into our relationship. He did an abrupt turn around, threw me into a wall and threatened me. He never spent a full night with me again, came and went sporadically, and took up with three other women in the course of our relattionship - and  he put them first.
     Finally, he moved without telling me. When I found out where he lived, he banned me from going to his apartment because his latest girlfriend lived next door and he didn't want me to know about her. When he relented and invited me to his home, he threw me out, claiming I was disrespectful to him or his environment. 
     His girlfriend made sure he was privvy to slander put forth by people who don't even know me and who claim I disrespected them, so he took up the gauntlet. 
     I was thrown out 9/10 I was invited to visit him, for reasons that boggled my mind: I was a "lying, thieving whore like the rest of them", a sexual "tease", a "game-player", taking disrespectful liberties and telling him what to do. 
     I knew he had been compromised against me, though he denied it. I told him not to contact me, but he kept coming back to love me and leave me over and over again. I made a valiant effort to make him believe in me when we were together in hope to turn it all around because I was in love with him, but his suspicion, doubt and distrust of me continued to grow, and his treatment of me got worse. 
     Finally, I told him, "NO CONTACT" and tried to make it stick. But, he came around and I lost my resolve one last time. This time he hit me upside the head, so hard that I crumbled to the floor and saw stars. Then he grabbed me by the hair on both sides of my head and held my face one inch from his screaming that I dissatified him sexually and deserved everything I got, and then opened the dpor to throw me out, though I was stark naked.
     I kept my wits about me long enough to get my clothes on, grab my pocketbook and truck keys and go. 
     He told me if I called the police he'd kill me. I believe he was trying to kill me all along by driving me to commit suicide in ever greater measure. I am more afraid of him now that he no longer has a soft spot for me as that was the only thing to keep him in check.
     He was a bad guy to begin with, capable of loving kindness, bur volatile to a fault. He hates the perps, but chooses to live among them for, like it or not, they are his peers.
     Cons and ex-cons rule in Ruidoso, NM. If you've never been incarcerated, you are nothing and no one worthy to be given the time of day. 
     Well, I've got news for all the Billy The Kid impersonators who think it's okay to slander me to the point of putting my life in jeapardy: You are not all THAT.       
     Incarceration doesn't make a hair on the ass of what it's like to be gang-stalked. I've got your solitary confinement right here.
     I've never known "lonely" like this before I came to this place, where liars are held in high esteem, facts are a figment of the imagination and  I am thought of as a liar for telling the truth.

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