Wednesday, May 28, 2014


"Oh, the games 
people play now,
Every night and 
every day now,
Never meaning 
what they say now,
Never saying 
what they mean..."
~Don Williams~

I don't believe there are more than a handful of real grassroots gang-stalking targets in this, the US of A. 
     I say this because I, speaking for myself, being a genuine, all-American, Targeted Individual (TI), don't have the time, money, energy or inclination to play head games with people. 
     If anything, I am too straight up. 
     But, the local targets I've encountered surely do seem to have just that.
     I am not insensitive; I don't want anyone to hurt like I've been hurt. 
     I thought others who are targeted would feel the same way.
     Instead, I'm finding that the opposite is true:
     Some TIs tend to lash out at other TIs like wounded beasts and kiss perp ass, whereas the perps seems to stay on an even keel and relentlessly spank target ass. 
     Go figure.
     Who needs it?
     I do NOT need or want my head bitten off by ANYONE, be they perp, perped target, pure target or non-participant...
     ....though I do hope all you TIs out there understand that a "pure" target is a rareity these days. Very few - if any - victims of this heinous hate crime can stake THAT claim; after all, day in and day out, we are surrounded by perps, known and unknown. 
     And, to be perfectly honest with y'all, the targets in my vicinity have done slim to Jackshit NADA to help me out. Any and ALL help I've received locally has come from total strangers or perps. 
     This doesn't say much for the targeted community, now, does it?
     Granted, TIs are:
     》Dealing with irrational and/or criminal behavior in others
     》Presenting with trust issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the like
     But, so are strangers, your perped neighbors-family-friends and some of the perps!
     When I attempt to interact with or help a local target, SO AM I AFRAID. 
     In FACT: I may have a better chance of escaping with my personal possessions and my heart-on-my-sleeve intact were I to have a heart-to-heart with WTF EVER is running this Dog & Pony Show than I do in my dealings with my fellow targets.
     As targets, we are ALL put upon. But, just because we are INNOCENT doesn't mean we are all sugar, spice and everything nice in every way and everything we say and do, nor does it give us carte blanche to lash out at another target because we deem them "safe".
     I'm a GOOD person. I don't initiate problems. I help the majority of those who ask for my help if and when I can. But, I'm not always "nice".
     Sometimes I'm downright ornery, especially when I feel disgusted with folks who need to be AWAKE and AWARE regarding what they are doing, to whom and why - only to find they are fast asleep. 
     HOLA, buena gente! TIEMPO DE levantarse Y BRILLO Y AROMA DEL CAFÈ!
     I don't hear anything, do you?
     Maybe they are being mind-controlled or their brains are microwaved to a cinder or they are simply having a bad hair day.
      All the more I can say is:
      If ignorance IS bliss, some TIs - and ALL perps - must be in Samadhi.

"....They just wile away the hours,
In their ivory towers
'Til they're covered up with flowers,
In the back of a black limousine."

"La da da, da 
da da, da da

La da da, da 
da da, da dee
I'm talking 'bout 
you and me
And the games 
people play."

"Oh, we make one another cry,

Break our heart when we say goodbye
Cross our hearts and we hope to die
Bet the other 
was to blame.
Neither one ever 
give an inch
So we gaze at our eight by ten
Thinking 'bout 
the things that 
might of been
And its a dirty rotten shame."

"People walking 
up to you,

Singing Glory Hallelujah!
And their tryin' 
to sock it to you,
In the name 
of the Lord.
They're gonna 
teach you how 
to meditate
Read your 
horoscope and 
cheat your fate
And to furthermore 
to hell with hate
Come on get 
on board."

"La da da, da 
da da, da da

La da da, da 
da da, da dee
I'm talking 'bout 
you and me
And the games 
people play."

"Well, look 
around and tell 
me what you see

What's a-happening 
to you and me
God grant me 
the serenity
To remember 
who I am.
'Cause you've given 
up your sanity
For your pride 
and your vanity
Turn your back 
on humanity
And you don't 
give a da da..."

"....La da da, da 
da da, da da
La da da, da 
da da, da dee
I'm talking 'bout 
you and me
And the games 
people play.
La da da, da 
da da, da da
La da da, da 
da da, da dee
I'm talking 'bout 
you and me
And the games 
people play..."

~Don Williams, 
"The Games 
People Play"~

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