Monday, June 16, 2014


"You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem."
~Eldridge Cleaver~

What is the true purpose behind the deliberate, prolongated, torture of Organized-Stalking victims?
     This seems to be a burning question among Targeted Individuals (TIs) these days. 
     I say "burning" because Electronic Harassment (EH) and Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS) are the primary means of torture.     
     Unfortunately, the information gleaned online via social networks and anti-gang-stalking websites accounts for the bulk of the average TI's knowledge-base regarding "who" is stalking us, "why" and "how". 
     And, save what first-hand information comes one's way through another TI, ostensibly the information gleaned is HEARSAY.
     TIs who are "in-the-know" have much wisdom to share and many real time, up close and personal stalking stories to tell, but for the newbie TI, it's overwhelming to hear, difficult to comprehend, impossible to process and too-much-too-soon to accept what sounds like so much "crazy" talk.
     In fact, there IS NO rational explanation because one cannot rationalize irrational behavior.
     However, Organized-Stalking is both networked and scripted, so there must be a well thought-out plan in which targets play an integral part. This tells me that the
Dog & Pony Show - all the Street Theater, gaslighting, smoke-screening, finger-pointing, noise-making and sneaking around that takes place at the onset - is a blind. 

     The old adage, "Where there's smoke, there's fire", is not always the case for TIs. If there is smoke on the right, I tend to look for fire on the left - and I always eschew all coincidence from the situation at hand.
    Seasoned targets are aware that the Organized-Stalking movement has a "hidden" agenda; after all, we deal with the stalkers on a daily basis. 
     Still, we are not 100% sure what their ultimate game plan is - and when we attempt to tell others what is happening or what we think is happening, it makes no sense - sometimes not even to us. 
     The new-fangled modus operandi pertaining to gang-stalking - EH snd DEWS - lends to the fray; at least, it did so for me because I didn't understand the high-tech phraseology - and all the talk about the stalking being sanctioned by the US government really put me off and still does.
     I've been subject to Electronic Harassment (EH) via GPS, GSM, remote EMF, hidden surveillance MICs, mini-cameras, video and VOX recording, for the better part of the seven years, eight months I am targeted. But, the local tweakers are the ones doing this to me. I can't imagine the US government would have anything to do with these vile creatures short of putting them in jail, even if we do live in the United States of Texas on the Planet of the Apes.
     I was also thrown by all the "microwaved brain" aka Diected Energy Weapons (DEWS) talk, until I realized that any yoyo can put two microwave ovens together to crank up the radiation output,  aim them at your house and fire away.
     Seven years constitutes a mini lifecycle; I was hoping to be free of this mess at the seven-year mark. 
I'm not free of it. Neither have I been incarcerated or institutionalized. 
     But, I may be dead and just don't know it. 
     Local targets and 
non-targets alike don't seem to see or hear me. If they do, they are ignoring me.
     I guess they'd rather invalidate me than believe me or - God forbid - they just may have to do something to help me!
     I haven't fully investigated
Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). This is yet another way targets say they are being stalked.

     So, as much as I'd like to address the issue regarding the true, underlying purpose of gang-stalking, first I must ask: What IS "gang-stalking" these days?
     Several years ago, gang-stalking was an organized crime-related, grassroots venture instigated by a hateful someone who, for revenge or sport, targeted an innocent person. 
     Local perpetrators (perps) aka cause-, group-, multiple-, gang- and/or community-stalkers then terrorized the target, using covert ops to destroy the person's life in increments over time, thus driving the victim to incarceration, insanity, suicide or death by hands-off murder, such as poisoning or freak "accident".
     Almost overnight, the entire face of Organized-Stalking changed. 
     Now it's become a global endeavor instigated by the Illuninati, Jews, the World Health Organization (WHO), President Obama, Homeland Security (DHS), The National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),the USA Department of Jusice (DOJ), and perhaps even the family dog, to establish the New World Order (NWO) via Chemtrails, Haarp, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS), Electronic Harassment (EH), Bio API, microwaves, microchips and fiberoptics to acquire above-ground terra firma for Satan and it's minions, Vril,
Aloah Grays and evil people who are culling the world population by doing away with selected-at-birth, blood-contracted humans.

     That would be the Targeted Individuals. We are the Chosen Ones. 
     Aren't we special? 
     Victims of this hate crime have come out of hiding. There are TI support groups in different parts of the country. "ORGANIZED-STALKING INFORMERS (OSI)", "TARGETED INDIVIDUALS" and "ORGANIZED GANG-STALKING (Call Talk)", are just a few of the anti gang-stalking groups on and the Internet. 
     Anti Gang-Stalking billboards have gone up along the California Highways.    
     Still, there is something about this newfound form of Organized-Stalking that, thanks to social networking, smacks of Street Theater in the form of Cyber Theater and the gaslighting of targets on a mass scale.
     What better way to compromise, frighten and/or brainwash confused, distraught, impressionable, exhausted and/or traumatized victims of this on-going hate crime than via social networking?
     Is it possible the perps want targets to look in the wrong direction in order to keep us from uniting, helping each other and ourselves, finding common ground and a solution that will end this radical injustice?
     If you are a target, please take a moment to ask yourself: Would your day be "with" or "without" stalking-related incident - or reminders of incidents past - if you obstained from accessing Organized-Stalking-related social networks, forums and/or websites?
     I don't read the newspaper, watch the news or vote. I avoid negative input that doesn't belong to me or about which I can do nothing to remedy or change for myself or someone else.
      Maybe all the aforementioned, alleged "lunatic fringe" topics are new news to some people. These topics may even be relevant, for when taken into account all at once, they do seem to form a Macrocosm of which Organized-Stalking is a microcosmic part.
     Maybe these more exotic concerns are blinds meant to keep us from seeing and resolving the actual, immediate problems that come as result of being targeted.
     Maybe we are far too focused upon ascertaining the true purpose behind why the stalkers are inflicting so much suffering on innocent people.
     I fail to see what good it does us to know the real hidden agenda if TIs continue to run in ten different directions.
     No one TI can handle the legal issue of Organized-Stalking alone.
     Thus far, the targets I've encountered locally are either perped to the max or just full of shit perps. There ARE some true targets online, but most seem to be Perps-in-TI-Clothing.
     TIs isolate to avoid being inundated by perps, though they are put upon daily. And, they are overly-cautious, if not downright afraid, to reach out to doctors, lawyers, local/state law enforcement, the FBI, therapists or anyone in a position to possibly help them due to having very ugly experiences with all of the above.
     I've had similar up front reactions from the same sources as described by my fellow targets, but I've also had help from those sources, albeit from behind the scenes. 
     There may be more folks like the TIs I've talked with by phone, but for the most part, the TIs online seem hell bent to beat their own drum regarding what's happening to us and why, and either don't seem to be interested in finding a common denominator upon which to approach the problems or have simply given up.
     I tend to think that wanting to know Organized-Stalking's hidden agenda is become a macabre fascination for many targets, myself included. 
     Speaking for myself, garnering and sharing information with other alleged TIs is Problem Avoidance, for in so doing, I'm alleviated of the responsibilty to accept my current fate and from making an attempt, however futile, to repair my vandalized home, salve my mortal emotional wounds and endure what remains of this lifetime that is desecrated by evil people via unholy ways and unsanctified means.
     I am beginning to believe that the perps actually did me an unwitting favor by forcing upon me the role of Pioneer Woman and a back-to-basics lifestyle. 
     Perhaps TIs need be free of enslavement by computers, televisions and other electromagnetic devices - to pull the plug, get off the grid, grow and breed our own groceries as much and as soon as circumstance, funding and time allows. 
     TIs may also want to consider paying off all debt and becoming Sovereign Citizens, an extreme measure that renders one free from government, statues and taxation as well as making one non-existant in the eyes of society and the world-at-large. 
     I already feel non-existent. Life IS passing me by. I'm not allowed to have friends or a mate, I can't participate in anything without it getting blown out of the water, I literally have NO WATER since November 2013, I'll most likely never have natural gas again and NO ONE will help me.
     I'm a scapegoat in the wilderness, marked and burdened by a multitude of sins not my own. No one can hear my silent screams... not even the OTHER scapegoats, save just a few. 
     A "solution revolution" is in order. The time is past nigh - and the sooner the better. 

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jomami17 said...

I recently came across your blog doing research about the very topics you describe...I don't want to post much here because i know 'they' are always watching us both...i hardly have any trust, because everything you describe I also i have lived in some way shape or fashion, specifically the 'chosen friends' i have now taken it upon myself to reach out ...
is there any other way to contact you outside of this open forum?

you are not alone...
Love & Light