Tuesday, September 23, 2014


"There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them."
~Andre Gide~

"Too many monsters; too little time," is one of my favorite sayings. I saw on a children's t-shirt long ago. Yet, the Andre Gide quote above provides the antidote.
     There ARE too many monsters and there ISN'T enough time to slay them all, especially if you are a victim of Organized Gang-Stalking, like me.                But, it's pointless to fear the monsters we can't kill; rather, we need learn to live with them.
     Maybe we should view our monsters as unwelcome housepests, as if they were our extremely annoying Great Aunts, Tilly and Milly, who came for the weekend and took up permanant residence in the guestroom: They are repetitive, sneaky, careless, a danger to us and others - they are MONSTERS...but they are dug in for the duration.
     Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll have the honor (synonymous with "pleasure") of burying them beneath the floorboards - IF they go first.
      But, monsters come in all shapes and sizes. They have many names and some require different kinds of weapons to vanquish them.
     I didn't seek out my monsters. They were left on my doorstep by my friendly neighborhood gang-stalkers. I may have placated one and procrastinated when it came to another. I admit I fed and even encouraged a few that wore the "Mask of Sanity" and didn't remove it until it was too late.
     Still, I own them. They're my monsters NOW, dang it! I even gave them names! They are:
》Broken-Water-Pipes,      Dig-Trench and Reinstall-Gasline (they're triplets,   closely related to Need-A-Plumber)
》Extract-Wisdom-Teeth (slain, November 2014)
》Vandalized-House (took a stab, but missed, October-November 2014)
》Winter (keeps making a come back, November-March)
     There are more monsters, to be sure; these are just my IMMEDIATE monsters. 
     Actually, if I could overcome "Not-Enough-Money", the last monster on the list, I could slay ALL the aforementioned others, with the possible exception of "Ex-Handler-Returns". This monster requires special care - and more courage than I have at the moment.
      However, I DO have a "GO FUND ME" page:  
http://www.gofundme.com/arep ac (this page is no longer available; it was recently removed from the web by my friendly Facebook hackers).
     Maybe if you have one of those monster-slayers, "More-Than-Enough-Money" or "Money-To-Spare" on your side, you can help me deal with "Not-Enough-Money" - and I will get gone the rest - and hopefully NOT acquire more!

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