Sunday, May 3, 2015


"You might as well expect rivers to run backwards as any man born free to be contented penned up."
~Chief Joseph~

I've learned to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Backtracking, like gaslighting, is an integral part of the Gang-Stalking Script. 
     Victims of this hate crime are forced to take 10 steps BACK for EVERY forward motion. The stalkers accomplish this by vandalizing our Real and personal property, in addition to harassing us, making it next to impossible to catch-up with the damages done.


In my experience, and considering commentary posted by other victims​​, damage to our vehicles and utilities (especially plumbing), tops the Gang-Stalker TO-DO list; in this way, they keep their UNWILLING participants penned up in their One Act play.
     I had the damages to my truck and plumbing repaired in March-April 2015. Cost: $810
     No sooner did I repair that bit of vandalism did I sustain new and improved damages:
》An anti-freeze hose buried under the engine of my truck suddenly sprung a bad leak that required immediate repair. Cost: $115
》My electric bill that is $30 per month shows four times the average usage for February-March 2015. I am certain the Wire Hitchhiking Harassment voice loop (a hands-on form of Electronic Harassment) playing "Taps" through my very cost-efficient infrared space heater and refrigerator caused the excessive power usage. Cost: $330 up the pleasure anti the haters derive from our pain, the money I had left to see me through the rest of April was apported and/or otherwise vanished from my night table drawer. Cost: $70
     Thus far, the past and present vandalism wrought by the stalkers totals $1277. 
     I am on a fixed income that does NOT cover my needs, because the stalkers committed bank fraud at the onset of my targeting. Vandalism is a waste of my resources and an unnecessary expense I can ill afford.
     Any and all help is welcome and greatly appreciate. visit: 
"Lost "in the TALL Pines",

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