Monday, August 17, 2015


"When people don't like themselves very much, they have to make up for it. The classic bully was actually a victim first."
~Tom Hiddleson~

I've had a creeper up on the roof over the last few weeks, a fearless creeper who wants me to know he's there... and he's growing bolder.
   But, HAPPY DAY! NO ONE is on my roof! 
   So said the local police when I called them last night for the third time regarding the perpetrator who was up on my roof all but one night this week.
   The police have not seen him - and neither have I - but me and my dogs hear him, loud and clear.
   There is no mistaking the sound of a PERSON walking on a metal roof or scrambling out of a crawlspace when you are standing directly underneath it or climbing up and down the sides of the house disrupting metal siding as they come and go.
   Falling acorns, racoons and skunks have a distinctly different tenor and falling apples do NOT apply since there are NO apples on the ground, not a single one.
   However, all of the above were cited as the possible culprits, all save the human being who is harassing me nightly and disturbing my peace.
   I have my suspicions and gave them the name of a damn good contender for the title, "Creeper of the Month". 
   Instead, they further suggested I am "schizophrenic" and alluded to a history of "methamphetamine" use. This last was based on my past association with someone that occured TWO YEARS AGO, also known as "guilt by association", and nevermind the fact that this is someone I am very grateful NOT to have ever seen or heard from again!    

They wanted to know why the creeper is doing this when I am at home. 

   I can only assume that because he is dangerous and a psychopath, his purpose is to harass me; I have maintained the "NO CONTACT" rule despite his texts and calls, and coming to my door - or TO HELL if and how would I know "WHY?".
   I was next informed that if I call the police again and cannot produce the creeper or if they could not do the same, I will be arrested for "FILING A FALSE REPORT".
   How does that work?
   I don't know who the creeper IS; I called to report an intruder only.
   Finally, it was suggested I get a Game Camera, hang it in a tree and try to catch the perp on film. 
   Fair enough.
   It is not my intention to take up their time with a hunt for an Invisible Man. Had they spent the 30+ minutes checking out the perimeters of my house, rather than griling me, they may have caught him.
   I hope the police will forgive me. I am a single, 62 year old woman, living alone with my critters in a big, old semi-renovated house-in-a-hole on a high foothill of the mountain in a wooded area with tall grass and no street lights. 
   My apologies for feeling vulnerable and a little scared. 
   I last called the PD in September 2013, when my truck brakeline was deliberately damaged, a fact that was verified by the mechanic for the towing company and reported to the same PD.
   Who am I going to call should this creeper try to come in through a window and get away before the police can see or apprehend him?
   The officers sent out tonight are new to the force and do not know me beyond this immediate situation. They said they heard all about me from the other officers at the precinct - NOT NCIC or the NM Courts. I have no history of mental illness and no felonies on record. I am NOT a Prison Babe. That constitutes Defamation of Character in the form of slander.
   NEVER do I bash the police, on or off line. I like many of Ruidoso's Finest and thought I was on good terms with them.
   When this started I was afraid of the creeper. Now I am afraid of the police, too.
   A crime victim, I AM. 
   Depressed I AM. 
   Schizophrenic (and high), I'm NOT.
   And even if I was crazier than a shithouse rat and high as a fucking kite, it doesn't mean I didn't have an intruder up on my roof!


Symptoms of Schizophrenia:

There are three types of symptoms in schizophrenia: positive, negative and cognitive.

Positive (symptoms that should NOT be present):
》Hallucinations (something a person sees, smells, hears and feels that isn’t really there). The most common hallucination in schizophrenia is hearing voices.
》Delusions (a false belief that isn’t true)

Negative (symptoms that should be present):
》Flat (individuals show no emotion) or inappropriate affect (e.g., giggling at a funeral)
》Avolition (little interest or drive). This can mean little interest in daily activities, such as personal hygiene.

These symptoms often are harder to recognize, because they’re so subtle.

Cognitive symptoms (associated with thinking):
》Disorganized speech (the person isn’t making any sense)
》Grossly disorganized or catatonic (unresponsive) behavior
Inability to remember things
》Poor executive functioning (a person is unable to process information and make decisions)

SOURCE: schizophrenia-fact- sheet

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