Monday, October 19, 2015


Winter will be comin' 'round the mountain by Thanksgiving and I am still without natural gas.
   No hot water, oven or interior heat source for me, other than a fireplace that is big enough to roast a cow and burns whole, hard wood logs as if they were toothpicks.
   But, I can forget about using the fireplace... 
   My truck transmission was admittedly damaged by the SAME gang-stalker who was up on my roof every night for a month in late August, early September and I cannot use my truck to gather firewood to feed my fireplace - the ONLY affordable heat source available to me.
   Use of the infrared space heater gifted to me by a dear friend last winter should not have cost more than $90 per month to use, but I was billed an additional $300 for electrical usage in excess of NM state coverage at winter's end.
   The portable propane heater gifted to me the prior winter fares only slightly better; it costs $21.95 per tank every 4 days or $165 per month and -full or empty - the tank is too heavy for me to carry up and down the icy stairs.
   Thanks to the stalkers, I am not in any condition to implement any of the above anyway. Now, in addition to having Fibromyalgia and Renaud's Syndrome, I've developed Polymyalgia Rheumatitis in my shoulders, arms and lower back from hauling firewood and water down my steep stairs for the past 5 years due to constant vadalism.
   The majority of these local criminals are HALF my age. THEY have heat and hot water that are integral to basic survival.
   I am a 62 year old single woman on disability - a SENIOR CITIZEN - and an innocent VICTIM of this heinous, on-going hate crime for 9  LONG YEARS come October 26, 2015, but THERE IS NO HELP - not for me or others like me. 
   It's a fact that (a) the gang-stalkers are getting away with hands-off MURDER with nary a slap on the wrist from local, state or federal authorities and (b) it's a TRAVESTY of JUSTICE, both temporal and divine.
   Winter is not yet here, but the temperature is rapidly dropping, and me and my beloved pets are already too cold for comfort!
   I am fervently hoping that you, my readers, will find it in your hearts and/or pockets to help me fix my gasline, purchase a fireplace insert or obtain some other alternative, affordable heating venue.
   If so, please go to:

"Help Marguerite Elsbeth Obtain HEAT to Survive the Winter" | Emergencies & Disasters - YouCaring

Thank you and God bless you. ♥


Anonymous said...

Targeted Individual Network - Fighting Back Against Gangstalking

Shawna Gamble said...

So tellmewho do you think murdered my son?